Jan. 19, 2012

Happy New Year

From Ms. Precious by Chris Rogers (author's profile)



Happy New Year!

Hi, Lady! How are ya and PMP'N D?

Well, Chyna is behind me and we have to get her back going. We got to somehow get her ad posted on the website. Bad news, girl. She has stopped getting mail altogether. She's all alone right now. Poor thing. It breaks my heart to know she's like this. Any ideas, Sis? I was thinking of maybe getting her back on that website I was on. I'm trying to do everything I can to help out. Know what I mean, dear?

Is there anyway you could do with BTB and see whatcha do with Chyra's blog? She wrote a long time ago to get started but never heard back. She really wants to blog. But if you could find out, that would help a lot. If you want, maybe we can figure out a way to get her back online. Any ideas, let her know. We got to do something for our baby girl. She helped me get started, and if wasn't for her being such a sweet lady, I would've never met my special man!

Chyna sends her love to everyone, and I do too. I think of you and PMP'N D often and smile every time 'cause I have such a great sister out there. I wish we'd all stuck together like we do.

One day I believe we will see even stronger unity and solidarity among us all. And I will definitely be doing my part to see that happen one day. So until next time,

Peace, love, happiness: sweet kisses
and nuthin' but girl power
worldwide. Yah!


P.S. Can you make me 4 or 5 copies of the drawing I'm posting please? Hope you like it. Maybe send a copy? Let Pem D know I and an J Now. Cynacn B.

Smile! :)


A letter to the whole world
to the GLBTQ community

Hi to all my friends and fans worldwide. It's me again, Precious, sending warm hugs and sweet kisses to everyone, as well as you all, all my brothers and sisters worldwide. It's the unity, love, support that we all achieve things in life, and I see even more done to advantage soon throughout years to come. So let's all smile and keep the solidarity/unity strong.

N-e-ways, as for me, I'm very happy to say I have found a special someone. He accepts me for me, loves me so much. He is like a dream come true to me. I feel so whole, so complete with him in my life. As for that, I'm posting a lil' poem/song I dedicated to him. So when he sees it, he will smile... So smile, "Daddy." I love ya!

And to all else out there, feel free to come my way with any ideas, plans to write on people. You'll know I'm very dedicated to my GLBTQ family in any way possible. I'm hoping to start my own support group in the near future. I also will be (hopefully in Feb. 2012) be starting my college courses (academics). I think nine courses total. So looking forward to that. Okay, sisters and brothers. Keep the faith, you hear? And smile, and never give up.

Love to all,
The one and only

P.S. I will be 32 on Jan. 7. Still young and pretty. :)

And Axel, I found sister girl Chyna. She is behind me on pod doing good. :) And see what finding someone interesting in helping me make Precious well-known. I have big plans. :)


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