Dec. 7, 2011

Gay Issues In Prison

From Ms. Precious by Chris Rogers (author's profile)


Gay Issues in Prison
Dedicated to GLBTQ community

Alienation: act of alienating or the condition of being alienated. People turning a cold shoulder to you because they see you as being gay. People avoiding you because of what others say. Example: Trying to be friends with someone and having others ask them, "What are you talking to that punk for?" Then having that person shun you due to peer pressure.

Emotional Isolation: emotional: of or relating to emotion. isolation: quality or condition of being isolated. Example: Having no one to share experiences with. No friends or even trustworthy associates. Having no one to talk to that truly understands you or the emotions and/or difficulties you go through trying to deal with being gay in prison.

Ridicule: words or actions intended to evoke contemptas laughter at or feelings towards a person or thing. Example: People say "act like a man" or "look at that thing there", knowing these words are hurtful. People making comments and remarks that cause others to laugh at you.

Gibe: to make taunting, heckling, or jeering remarks. Example: When you walk and the hall and officers and inmates call you out of your name, purposely in a sarcastic way.

Definitions are from an American Heritage College dictionary.

When you're gay in prison, you long for acceptance for what and who you are instead of what others perceive you as. You get so tired of constantly explaining yourself (who and what you are). You write to advocacy groups, talk to mental health workers on the unit, and educate them. But most importantly, do not give and always believe in yourself.

Never give up. Always stand proud.

I love you all.
❤ Precious
October 2011


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