May 9, 2011

The Vangelicit Stone Vol. 1, Epx-1

From Supreme V.L. Inc. by Wesley R. Knight (author's profile)


By Dr. Prince
The Vangelicit Stone
Vol. 1 Epx-1

The dark wind blows across his light brown facial features. His eyes had become their full decay back balls in their home which were the sockets. The finger size thickness locks of his hair danced in the waves of blowing winds. His middle built chest heaved up and down as he was breathing hard. His heart seemed to be beating like a loud drum from a small Indian camp, but this drum only he could hear.
Sick of the game, "Is this the way you want this to end?" The great swordsman let his voice free into the blackness of nigh, which had everything in the area in blackness.
Pulling free the only light around came from his magical golden bladed median size swords. The rich gold light was like a ring around his twin blaze. There were so many colored magical gems, rubies, and diamonds which could be seen in ancient symbols that ran along the middle of each side of both blazes. His hands were gripped tightly around.
While he stood there the scent of the murderous beast was heavy in the air which triggered his sensors. He never looked back, because he let his keen hearing cover any movement at his back. For he had been lost track of gamble in the paths along the chase. But Gamble was a big boy.
The sound of the nightly wolves' pack of hunters could be heard somewhere in the far distances. Nearing this, he neared the beast needed that bunch in the picture right now. The living trees moved around destroying the fore-milieu paths, that one may have used a few moments ago. This seems to always play a part in others becoming lost in the always different scenes. Which was the trap for those who did not know the ways of the Forever Forest.
Right at that moment, a small cyclopean jumped in the darkness only to land a few yards away from the swordsman. Just as its feet landed on any different objects, he swiftly spun around letting the two-headed axe which had claimed so many lives already, cut through the thickness of blackness.
(Nothing!) This one-eyed freak screamed out in disappointment and its bad luck. Before it knew the greatness of its foe.
"You fool." He yelled out hoping to stall his enemy. Also, he made another spinning move only to once again come up short. It was not all in vain, for this time the swordsman had to jump back. His quickness helped in his avoiding a life-threatening blow.
"Close, but not enough." He growled out in a mock at the beast. Because he knew it was sightless in the black pit of night, the magical glow of his blades helped guide the beast toward his positions.
It smiled locking in on the man. "I won't miss you..." was fastly cut short. The swordsman was moving in at a fast rush that was quicked like lightning. In which one of his blades funded off the weak thrush of the cyclopean's axes.
His jaws tightened at the coming back swing with his other blade. It cut into the shoulder of the bigger foe. (It cried out!) Nice shot a voice in the back of his mind told him. He paid his life long mate no attention at all. He was angry with himself for not landing a death blow. He did a cat leap and landing on his feet bending and spiraling around hopping quickly out of habit more than instinct. Crouching with his blades turned out. What was a block tactic to stop any incoming blows. Even though it would have not stood a chance under the forces of the beast. To his surprise, the blow he threw had cut clean through the beast's weapon arm. So his axe was lost somewhere in the inescapable darkness. The fizzing of the man's swords could be heard as it sucked in all the blood-feeding the blood hungriness of them.
"Such a shame, you foolish creature you." The blade slinger let out easing in for the kill. Never would he not make the mistake and rushed in, for he knew the strength of the creature. And at a life-threatening time like this, only Fang knew its power.
At the smell of blood caused the swordsman Fangs to grow another inch. For the other side of him had awakened. His focus in the darkness was clear as a bat. He quickly put away his sword. In doing this he turned out all the light.
The smaller than others one-eyed beast noticed this and began looking around as if on the verge of losing his mind. Slowly he backed away. Its third step was the one that tripped him over one of the huge roots. This caused him to crash backwards, which was easier for the axe which was waiting on the ground. It cut through the thickness of his back, only to find an easy entrance in the heart of the beast; then found freedom out the front of his chest. It killed him instantly.
"Damn you." The fanged animal, like a predator, stood over its prey. "Oh well, I must feed still while his blood was warm." It said to no one but was heard by many of the forest creatures. At once he fell on top of the beast and let its fangs tear into the sweaty warm flesh. The lovely taste of the war blood was on the one, he felt as the vessel holes in his fangs sucked in the meal. His eyes began to quickly turn blood-red in the darkness where they were unseen. His little strength that was lost in this chase began to grow from every ounce of blood he sucked in.
The sweaty smell of fresh blood rode the waves of the wind. This caused more hungry critters in the forest to move toward its area. Once there, they came to a stop, only to hear the crazy sounds of madness that was coming through the one known only as The Vangelicit throat as he feasted on his hunted meal.
Knowing this neither of the others came around for they knew they too could become victim to the unmatchedness of the starker's swordship. All only paused waiting for him to leave so they could have his bloodless remains.
Above bent on one of the high up huge tree branches, of one resting tree was another dealy figure. He could hear the beast below which since youth he had been assigned to as its guardian. The inhuman nose always seemed to always have some type of effect on his stomach.
Oh, how he hated vampires. Yet the half-and-half was a blessing. For he feasted on all the evil in the Stone City realms.
The wind seemed to shift and the highlander spent quickly without ever rising out pulling free his timeless blade. Only to freeze at the sight of the old samurai who had his blade caught in one of his thick bear claw gloved hand.
"Yo'as git'in bittor." The slanted eyed china-man said in his best tongue of the swamp language.
The highland showed a weak smile, that really went unseen in the darkness. "So you say, but how can one ever match up with someone who is much of an elder and older than the land itself?" The young man spoke up joking as he quickly replaced his weapon.
"Ah." The china-man said, before taking up a seat next to his young friend on the branch.
"But ya'si dat' hey is sa'close." He began explaining once seating. With his words out, which only those who lived with could truly understand, he pointed below in the pitch-black pit.
The highlander shook off the shearver that shot through him, "And that's not good."
China-man looked in the younger man's direction, puzzled. "Whi ye' sa dat?" He asked.
This question from his friend really caught him off guard for he never shared his thoughts or nightmares with anyone, so now here he was in thought but knew he must come up with an answer not wanting the elder to look at him sideways. But how much could he trust the crystal carrier? After all, both owed their lives to the young vangelicit.
Because it was he, that when he left the kingdom of blood-sucking vampires, where the fanged one beneath them's father reigned as king Van-Pelt. Who is a great warrior and king, had assigned each of them to stay at his side and accompany him in his mission until death. That was their only way of freedom.
"Whaf if he kills all the evil before his death? Then how can the world itself, be protected from him?" The highlander asked, taking a chance expressing his deepest feeling.
Chinaman only shook his head. "Hee'na kil'man. An'si if hee'toon den hee wil'bee only one." China-man shook his head slowly turning into the pit of darkness of night. He never thought like this before, but now...
"One that can take on a small army alone." The pale white milky skinned young man added not letting his comrade get away so cozy.
"Ah ah ah! Yee' fa'ear da half one'na?"
The younger of the two looked over. He knew the China-man was not looking his way." I don't fear his father."
"Hee'na'hee Fa'der."
"No, but I don't you either."
China-man shook his head slowly. "Hee'na mee fa'ther." He said also. For he being the master trainer, he knew in time that neither he, the highlander along with Van-pelt together, would still not be a match for the war machine once it recognizes his full knack and mastery in the field of battle.
"Sea'at dis'a'wae." China-man spoke up again, this time rising to his full height. "Ua'jus'sen ba't at, ba'hea fa'au'ss, yea'tank laidis, due'yea t'ank wea' run out' a fude?"
"Nah why?" The younger one asked.
China man only pointed in the area the halfling once was. "Hee'nava run out." He hoped.
The unknownness was the feeling one felt when moving through the forest which has claimed just as many lives as those who lived in it. It was daybreak, yet parts of the huge forest where night life still hid in darkness. Other areas of the death hole, the sunlight had found its own space in between the trees, which was the only hope for the
helpless who were too weak for the life after dark.
Movement was always heard due to the fact that everything had its own mind. Even the wind spoke its own language.
This was a place where nothing was concealed. Yet to live for another day was harder to live through than a woman giving life into the world.
The razor made linked chain cut through the air whistling the its sharp tips cut into the of the trees which began moving away as the razor was ripped from its bark.
All this gave the winged man more than enough time to make a swift move. He flipped over the head of its teacher once again outmaneuvering the weapon known as the razor's edge.
He landed lightly causing his wings to fold on his back, under his living and self-thinking cloak. He did not plan his quick actions as he spent around. All had become one with his instinct.
One of his short swords went low, while the other one cut high. The jewels that felt the middle of the gold blades gleamed from the small rays of sun that came in the openings they found between the trees.
He felt a jerk at one of his blades, for the razor's edge wrapped around the end of the high swung blade. The chains master simply jumped over the low swinging blade. Once he was back on his two feet he braced himself, then with old inner strength, the china-man gripped the razor link of his chain in the thick bear coat made gloves which were magical themselves. Long ago Lamia had sown them together with an enchanted thread that made it so no blade, fireball, or any minor attack weapons could penetrate its hide.
He yanked one of the magical swords free. "Ah," he smirked knowing that he now stood a much better chance against the winged blade slinger.
The blade slinger's eyes narrowed when he saw this. It took one quick gesture from the China-man to send the one end that once was in one of the trees to swing around to gain connection with his foe.
The dreadlock-wearing blade slinger who was much younger and so many times faster in speed or quickness easily ducked under the strike. In that brief moment, he caught the surprised look on the China-man's features. Did he really think it would be that easy? The voice said in his mind.
He threw a quick jab-like kick, that took the China-man in the pit of his belly unexpectedly which caused the older man to gasp for air. He took a few steps back.
The winged one reacted, hitting the chain with his other sword. It was enough force in the blow to cause the chain loose just a little but enough for him to summon his first sword. With a waving motion of his hand, the short sword returned to its master's hand.
"You lose." was all he said before yanking his hoodie from his cloak over his head. This caused him to become one with the unseen winds.
He leaped out of harm's way. He knew his trainer and teacher knew what could have been done without him actually performing the physical act. Knowing this the chain blade run dropped his guard, practice was over. The chain itself quickly took its place, which it wrapped around the China-man's upper body. It caused itself to look like a silver skeleton of razors.
"Xerxes." China-man called out to the only Vangelicit to breathe, "Yes ar'e'da'bess' I sea an'al'me' yeers." He said with a sense of pride And why not it was he, no one else. He who put in all the right work into the half-angel half-vampire into the legendary warrior the prodigy had once predicted him to be. It had taken him all his life to get in his form. Not the blade slinger. He had concurred it all in his still very young age.
Xerxes pulled off his hoodie. Quickly coming to view, but he was standing a few yards to the left of the old warrior's side.
"All thanks go to you my dear friend Nicodemus." Xerxes put his short sword away in their shelts that hung down at his side. He walked over to partner up with Nicodemus. Heavy sounds of huge bird wings beating against the air high somewhere up over their heads.
A look of not much confidence was the mask on Xerxes' features. "Still!" He spoke up one the two had walked awhile in silence. "Do you really think I am ready for our foes outside this place? I mean isn't it more sword and combat styles out there?" He asked in a calm yet alarming tone. This caused Nicodemus to double-take. just like many others that heard the calmness come from a hard jaw man like him, one that features seem to have a roughness to them in yet a very handsome way.
Nicodemus turned in the same direction and once they were side by side, the long-time friends began their walk for home. They fell into a conversation on Xerxes' meaning in this life.
Above and only a few yards off in the hole of a tree hovered a ball of light. It had been on Xerxes' trail now seven days and six nights. It had been relaying updates on his progress of the blade slinger to the queen because the time had come and the sky had sent down his best angel who gave all nobles in the realm the message that the time has come. The testament of the one and his companions' journey had begun...
"Be open to the voice of the spirit." (The unknown) voice said in the dark.
"And this above all else, be true unto self." (The rubaiyat)
"Let my life speak." (Quaker)
"Order is my first law." (Self)
"Patience is the companion of wisdom." (Me)
"To be simple is to be great." (True law)
"The philosophy of one century is the common sense of the next." (Blessing)
Xerxes sits in the dark alone with only self and the voice;

This is Vol. 1 number-1 in the short story fantasy that I have started and it has become a weekly must-read for my inmate fanbase. So now I wish to share this series into the realm of powerful stones as the half-angel and half-vampire known as the Angelicit seek out the power of the kingdom's stones with a vampire stone given to him from an angel sent down from the sky. Will he and his comrades make it, in their journey to save their realm from the split stones that's sucking up the life of the land...

Yeah this Da Prince, stay tuned if you feeling Xerxes because more is on the way and soon drawings of Xerxes and others will also be placed on my blog and also enjoy his afterthoughts which are written by a close poet friend Jack M. Branch, and if you have comments on anything or if you have a fantasy character with me and see if we can give him or it a role in this new up and growing fantasy series if you dare...

Yeah, alone in this walk-in closet of stone, steel, and concrete that has become my one-bedroom home, it's a straight heat box in the SUmmer Then an ice box in the Winter. What gets me is that in the winter everything cold like the slop we must eat, the shower water... then in the summer it's hot in the room, yet they want you class "A". Your food warm and so is your so-called cold drink. And to think I gave up so much to end up in here.
Da Prince


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