May 15, 2012

Daily Journal 4/20/12 To 4/22/12

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


APRIL, 20-22, 2012

FRIDAY April 20, 2012 6:01am Just
finished eating breakfast. Already
made my bunk, just sitting here
listening to my music. Today is my 44th birthday.
Yuk! I hate getting old. Fourteen years ago today
I married Josie, that was a bad idea. Wish I
would have never met her, or would have been
better in how I handled her. Once she started lying
I should have ended it, but I was lonely and
just happy to have someone to love me. Well
I'm going to get ready for recreation in the
event they come and get me this morning. I
have this formal grievance to file trying to get
off heightened security. I'll put that in the box
this morning. I got one letter last night from
mom. I'll write her and I have a few other
letters to write this weekend and something
about the warden's alleged DUIs that I'm going
to place up on my other blog. Cause now that I
have the other blog, I'm going to tear into his
ass. All the officers joke about the fact that
if I wouldn't have been writing about the warden
and the D.U.I.s that I would have never been
in this mess with heightened security. Doesn't matter
now, I took my stand, now I must'nt retreat.
I need to clean my floor, sink and toilet and get
ready for recreation.

10:22 am I just got back from rec. they took me
over to the south side of the building and went
to 4-wing yard which is over between 5 and 6 wing.
It was really foggy outside. I'm surprised they
took me out with it being that foggy. I walked
around and enjoyed the view. An ambulance
came in about 8:28 am and left out at 8:54 am
and it left with a prisoner. Not sure who
or what happened. I will be asking around.
I found out the name of the prisoner who
was assaulted back in August 2009. The prisoner's
name is Paul Kennedy. Now I've got to get
someone to contact him. Cause I'm not
going to let that go.

10:45 am C.O. Sexton just picked up grievances and
legal mail. I just filed the grievance to get OFF
this heightened security. I won't get a response
for 3 to 4 weeks. I'm watching the Zimmerman bond
hearing on T.V.

12:45 pm I ate hotdog's off the tray for lunch. Now
just sitting here listening to music, wasting time.
I was talking with my neighbor. I need to do some
art work. I really need to work out. We will see
what I do, right now I'm going to get up and walk.

4:14pm Just been sitting here listening to music.
I wrote up or rewrote Total Disrespect about
the Warden's alleged DUIs which never made it
on to my other blog. But I'm going to make sure
people get to read it. Pisses me off that I
went through all that trouble, and never got
this out for other's to read. I resent this sorry
ass warden for all this retaliation I endured. All
because I had the ball's to stand up to him.
I need to write a letter.

5:54pm I just finished eating. I'm fixing to wash
clothes, bathe, and lay down. I may finish this
letter that I started.

*SATURDAY APRIL 21, 2012 6:50AM I was standing at the
sink brushing my teeth when I remembered in 1988
being down in Largo, Fl. riding my motor cycle down
the beach. It's amazing how a memory will come
out of no where. I really don't feel motivated to
do anything. I got one piece of mail last night.
A birthday card. I didn't say one word about it
being my birthday so no one in here even knew
it was my birthday. They never do, I don't tell
people. I don't like birthdays, makes me realize that
I'm getting old. Last birthday I celebrated was in
1989, my 21st birthday. I was in Tulsa Oklahoma.
I wish I could have gotten a grip on my drug and
alcohol problem then. My whole life has been one
great big mess! I was just sitting here drifting
off thinking about it. Oh well! My neighbor's
up over here, every Saturday morning he's up so
he can watch cartoons. I'm listening to my
music, fixing to get up and walk, then I'll
decide what to do next. A bird just flew up into
the window singing. I'd like to put some food out
there so they would come up more often.

9:18am I've spent the past couple of hours cleaning
my legal locker, then the floor. C.O. Wagner passed
out cleaning supplies about 40 minutes ago. I also
have prepared my lunch. Mine and my neighbors.
Now having a cup of coffee. I have my weight
bag set up for a chest work out. Soon as I
drink this cup of coffee, I'll decide what to do

10:40am I got me a little work out in. I'm pooring
sweat. I may do a little something later. I'm
going to bathe and wash clothes at 3:30pm. I'm
also going to write a formal complaint up to
send the Regional Director. Not sure when I'll
start on that. Some time this week. I need to
write a couple of letters. May see if theres
any movies on today. Then decide what to do.
Right now I'm heating up my lunch.

11:08am They just brought the lunch trays. The only
thing on the tray worth eating was the bread. The
food is prepared badly and it stinks. The kitchen
staff is just sorry!

1:59 pm I just finished watching The Count of Monte
Cristo. That was a damn good movie. There's nothing
else on so I'm going to listen to some music and
workout then wash clothes and bathe.

4:01 pm Just finished bathing. Washed clothes. I worked
out for just over an hour. Waiting on dinner and I'm
going to lay back and watch some T.V.

7:44 pm Well I started writing and finished a letter
I started yesterday, then I wrote Mom. I still
have at least one more letter that I need to
write. I'm just laying back on my bunk listening
to my music. I really enjoy having my kind
of music to listen to, it helps you get away
from everything that's going on in here. Think I'm
going to lay down and call it a day. Yep that's
what I'm going to do.

*SUNDAY APRIL 22, 2012 6:33 am Just layed back here on
my bunk having a cup of coffee. Fixing to start a
letter. Just finished eating breakfast. Looked as
if someone stole all the eggs off the tray
except one bite. We only get these powdered
egg's once a week now. I need to get up and
make my bunk and clean the floor. I want
to start my work out at about 8 am.
I can't let this new death warrant being
signed take me out of my work outs. I just
know Governor Scott is going to put his blood
signature on a murder warrant this week. Well
let me get up and get going.

8:51 am I did a little work out. Wasn't great. I may do
a little something later on.

12:43 pm They just did recount so someone messed
the count up. I'm messing with my lunch. I had
to wash all the nasty crap off the noodles
and meat. Them guy's in the kitchen should be
fired. I spent a couple of hours listening to
my neighbor's MP3 player, still haven't finished
this letter I started.

5:28 pm I watched the race till 4 pm. I'm now watching
basketball. I did finish up the letter, worked out
about 40 more minutes. Cooked me a soup and chili,
washed clothes, bathed and fixing to call it a day.
Finish watching this basketball game then the
news, 60 minutes, Amazing Race and go to sleep.
Another day on Florida's Death Row.

Ronald W. Clark
The Death Row
Poet April 22, 2012

[drawing of a man sitting on his bed in a cell]


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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