June 14, 2012
by Benjamin Clay, Jr. (author's profile)


(-Hella - Phone.)
(The Real Truth of the Collect-Call Phone System in Prisons)

This is what is typical for what happens to a person, when he/she is incarcerated. He/She is given an intake call, which is a collect call. This call is made like one would do when they were out in society. Your family is charged the regular industry telecommunication rates...

These rates are like 1 cent per minute for the standard local call. So for a 20 minute call it would be exactly 20 cents. Then the inmate is given a PIN number, this PIN number allows the innate to access the telephone system set up for the institution that he/she may be at to serve their sentence...

The prisoner then has the choice to either take money out of his/her inmate account, or have their family members go to the private telecommunications company out in society, and have hem pay for services they provide to the prison's telephone system. By paying the minimum fee of $60 to have their cell phones and home phones accept collect phone calls... The way the phone works here at this facility (South Bay House of Corrections - Suffolk County) is a prisoner is given a PIN number to access the telephone systems computer here, once their family member has paid for the service of receiving collect calls via their cell phones or home phones. This as I stated cost the family a minimum of $60.

Once the inmate has had all this done, he/she places a collect call to a loved one. This call is recorded and timed, the rate that the company and the institution charges are $1.20 a minute for a 20 minute call. The family of the inmate is charged, $24...?

This is a day thing that is done to the family or loved one of a person that finds themselves incarcerated...

This is a very very big strain and stress related fact, I and many others have been subjected to by the total abusive practices of this prison system's telecommunications policy has done and continues to do on a daily basis, without fear of being called on these very unethical practices...

It is my hope that by me telling the public about these things I will maybe affect some changes into the way families try to stay connected to loved ones that may find themselves incarcerated. And in the spirit of the holiday of Father's Day, that's coming up in a couple of weeks and a lot of fathers that are in prison, really would like to call their children and talk to them, but do not wish to cause any further stress of a financial burden on the caregivers of their children, like they already have by being incarcerated...

So if there are others out there that wish to talk with me, about this very important matter, please feel free to get in touch with me through this wonderful website that allows a voice to those that find themselves incarcerated at the moment...

"The truth is always, locked away"

Mr. Benjamin Clay Jr. (#1100125)
20# Bradston Street
Boston Mass. 02118


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