May 13, 2011

A Posting from Marteze Harris

by Marteze Harris (author's profile)


Sunday, May 01, 2011

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I was on C-SPAN last night watching the Red Carpet for the Annual White House Correspondence Dinner when on the bottom of the screen there was an alert flash saying that Moammar Gadhafi's son had been killed in a NATO air attack.

Why? What gives NATO the right to go into a sovereign country and do that? I understood or tried or understand the need to stop the mass killings there, but what gives NATO the right to systematically kill a member of that government?

I just blogged on this so I will try to be brief, but I don't get it. Is the NATO led attack there for the people or the oil? If that is the case, then I can name several other countries NATO should be in.

America and NATO backed the Taliban against Russia, they back Iraq against Iran; they rolled with the moderates in Iran; in which the Iranian government at that time helped America get into Afganistan in 2001, and America turned their backs on that government. Then the hardliners moved in with a very anti-Western slogan. Where is America's loyalties? Every time America and her allies have moved into the Middle East. It has not ended good for this country. When will America get it? There are so many ways to end conflicts without violence or bullying tactics, but in order to be trusted, you must come to the table with clean hands. Are America's hands clean?

What does a parent do when their children are killed? They want blood. Just ask someone from President Reagan's old administration. Will Moammar Gadhafi attack? If so, how? He is not shy, and he is not known to run from violence either. So will he accept the death of one of his sons now when he couldn't back then? Yes, America is strong and has a very excellent military. But so did Hitler. However, if you stretch your military too thin, you leave yourself open for anything to happen.

I will try not to blog about this situation again, but we should not be in Libya nor should NATO. Every country has civil unrest. Let them handle their own affairs. If that was America and other countries launched attacks against us, we would retaliate in kind. So do not be shocked if Libya finds a way to shed American blood either.



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