June 16, 2012

Going Back to Cali

by Marcus T. Rogers Jr (author's profile)



I was born and raised in California [Los Angeles / San Diego]. To this day I wonder how could I leave the beaches, palm trees, and good weather for Wisconsin [HA HA].

Throughout my life I've lived and traveled many places but it's looking like I might end up going back to Cali. My aunt has offered me a place to stay and a chance to start over essentially where my life began. I'm grateful for the opportunity and I'm excited as well.

I'll have to put in for an interstate compact and if it doesn't get approved I'll have to be here in Wisconsin. Most of my time in Wisconsin has been behind bars so one can only imagine why I would want to leave this state.

I'm hoping that I get to go back to Cali or anywhere away from Wisconsin. As I get closer to getting out I simply hope for the best but always make preparations for the best. Only time will tell I suppose. Until then I will keep you all posted. Ok!

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If you could start your life over where would start it [which state]?

Have you ever been to California?

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OnTimeInCheckCC Posted 5 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 5 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Ive never been out West to CA before, but Ive traveled the East Coast since 2001 often. Ive been in Atlanta, GA....Ft Myers, FL.... Naples, FL.... Marco Island, FL.... Doraville, GA outside of ATL....Many cities around Alabama including Gulf Shores Beach.... Virginia Beach, VA for Spring Break 2004.... way too many cities in Tennessee since I was very young.... Flint, MI.... Detroit, MI.... Ann Arbor, MI.... all through the state of Indiana (even worked there in Jeffersonville and Clarksville for years).... couple of places in West Virginia.... Miami, FLA too.... Myrtle Beach, South Carolina..... Cherokee, NC.... Chicago, IL.... Maryland.... Id have to make a list that would prob take up 2 notebook pages of cities Ive stayed in, traveled to, lived in, worked at, etc since the year 2001 especially. The list goes on (smile) I was a road tripper, crazy about it, and even in groups would do the 22.5 hr drives to the end of Florida from here where I am driving the entire time, never giving any of them a chance (smile) and only stopping to eat and use the bathroom upon request of course. I should have been a truck driver OTR and traveled the whole USA. (smile)

I do not blame you for not wanting to stay in WI considering the majority of your time has been spent while being down in that state. I hope that your aunt keeps you updated on the possibility of you returning to Cali to live, since she has offered you a place. If I can pass on one bit of knowledge to anybody that I have had to learn the hard way, its this: Do not live somewhere or even attempt to live somewhere where you already know or feel will not work out. WI has not been a positive experience for you, and its not ever going to feel like HOME so far away from where you were raised/spent alot of years etc. I know you mentioned in one of your blogs awhile back that New York felt like home in a way, but being born in Cali and having fam there is a good thing. Having a place to stay with a family member is a good thing. And so is being able to start totally over, which I have no doubt that you will succeed at in more ways than you suspect you are capable of! -CC

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