May 24, 2011

Who Am I In Character

by Gesa S. Kalafi (Stanley Felton)


Who I Am in Character?

Picture a silverback gorilla in its environment, sitting in peace but aware. Picture the gorilla as he feasts on the environmental foods at his disposal: cool, calm, and collective. Picture fluffy white bunny rabbits hopping around the gorilla, eating off the land in his presence.

Picture the white bunny rabbits hopping around almost fearless of the gorilla because he is so calm, so much so that the white fluffy bunny rabbits feel it is safe to hop up to the gorilla to sniff and touch his coat, nibble at his feet, and play with his toes. They've gotten comfortable around the gorilla and, in turn, manipulated the gorilla into believing they're harmless. The gorilla allows the white fluffy bunny rabbits to gorge so much of the land they grow in weight and numbers. The gorilla is aware of his own complacency, but faced with turned down ears when he voiced his disappointment of the white fluffy bunny rabbits, they ignore the call of the wild.

What the white fluffy bunny rabbits ignore is no matter how much weight they gain or how many they increase in numbers, at any time the silverback gorilla—no matter how cool, calm, and collected he may appear—can rise up, beat his chest as a sign of war, and crush the white fluffy bunny rabbits whenever he wants to! Because that's who I am in character!

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