June 11, 2011

Hello World

by Ethelyn Reneigh Blake (author's profile)


Blog page letter

Hello, World

I created this blog page in hopes of meeting new people and maybe even my significant other.

I would like to communicate with others on the other side of these walls. My environment isn't a good one, and I desire the positive company of those who have goals, broad minds, going places in life. I am a very fun, intelligent, intellectual person.

True enough, I made a mistake. I've dusted myself off and am trying life again. This was a much learned experience I needed. We have to go through something to get something we need or get where we need to be in life. I expand my mind beyond these wall and never want to come back here at all, for I'll strive hard and achieve all my goals to not to return to this dungeon. I may not have any family support or anyone to congratulate when I do something good, yet I love myself and keep the drive to push forward. I stand for something and I don't fall for just anything.

If you would like to communicate with me, feel free to write me.

Hopefully your friend,

Ethelyn Reneigh Blake
1179675 Munney Unit
1916 N. Hwy 36 BIP
Gatesville, TX 76597

Just Me

I may be darker than others
or even thicker than others
and might not be called what the
world calls the best body, still
I'm just me...

I may be older than some
and younger than most, this doesn't
mean anything because I'm not
from the east or west coast
Still, I'm just me...

So what? I'm taller than you
and shorter than her
I appear to have more
curves and no curls
I'm just me...

Because I'm in prison and not free
doesn't mean I'm a bad person—
I'm smart, intelligent,
funny, and loving with a good heart
Yes, I'm just me...


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Bysidemyself Posted 12 years, 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 12 years, 7 months ago   Favorite
Hello, I just read your note..... I was just online go thru random sites and stumble upon you profile.. Im very new to this... But I decide to reach out and see what happens... I actually saw your pix on another site and then ran into you letter.... ..i like your letter....Im a averge person who trying to live life to the fullest....... but I plan to reach out again....just wanted to leave a note....I tell you more about me later....... i will say more but this so public im not sure.. but im blk male... from outside the state of texas... but i will write again... later..

Bysidemyself Posted 12 years, 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 12 years, 7 months ago   Favorite
Hey, ive read your note again, I like it... Just Me. I'm just me. Just me... .. You words enlighten me today.. When Im me.. the world is great, people around aways have a good time. But when i try to fit in this world, thats when the problem starts... its funny.....well i must go again. until next time.. But... I realize I will be just me today. nothing more or less..allow to email?(i assuming not)

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