Nov. 26, 2012

It's My Birthday!!!...& I'll Write If I Want To

by Eric L. Bell



Welcome everybody. I must apologise for my extended hiatus + admit that I've been off wandering through the wilderness again. 22 months in solitary confinement comes with some rather unusual circumstances to deal with (to say the least). However I seem to be able to find my way back to 'civilisation' (whatever that means) - when I allow myself to be guided by those bright lights in the night skies.

So here I am, it's October 16th 2012 + yeah you guessed it - It's My Birthday! (Big deal right?) Well, as some of you my know - I'm far from being just another fish in the pond (to say the least). I can be a little eccentric or radical from time to time. You shouldn't be afraid to put yourself in unfamiliar territory because exploration leads to new discoveries. I won't go off on one of my usual tangents here (even though I know you want me to) because today I want to do something that I've never done before (uh oh).

Today is supposed to be my day right? Well, I'd much rather spend it paying HOMAGE to all you wonderful + special people who have +/or continue to be a special part of my life. Even though I've been in prison for the last 8 years and 8 months, I have been repeatedly BLESSED with support, opportunities and most of all love, so on this day, most sacred to me, I want to humble myself + thank all of you.

- First and foremost I pay homage to the departed souls of our dearly beloved, may you all journey in peace - Grandaddy, Reba, Chris, Na, "Tick" + Julie.

- My mother deserves more than I could ever even begin to repay her. This woman is an angel sent here to be an instrument for good. She truly understands what it means to be a mother + for all of her love + all of the sacrifices - I thank her with all of my heart + soul.

- Thank you to all of my family that have been here for me (especially you, Pops). Small gestures of love have a big impact on those who appreciate them...+ I appreciate them.

- Nate, you + Kee-Kee are the most awesome twins on this planet, maybe even the universe (I don't know, I haven't met any extra-terrestrial twins yet - besides you two). Thank you so much for the love, support + most of all the companionship. MAOY-YAOM.

- Allie Cat, Allie Cat, Allie Cat...What can I say? 4 going on 5 years of love + inspiration. They don't make 'em like you any more. As one clock winds down, another one is set to begin. Thank you for being strong enough to walk with me in arduous times.

- Matthew, what's jamin bro? It's been a long time coming, but you've been a real friend throughout. Our friendship is a rare gem bro, + you can have half of my Oatmeal Cream Pie anytime. You dig? 21 - They gone take us serious!

- MR MICHAEL P. WHALEN you are a godsend my friend. You may perform in the official capacity as my "legal representative" but you've been more like family over these last 6 years. Couldn't have done it without you. God bless you + I leave you with my new favourite quote:

"I do believe that we will eventually be successful + that the case will be sent back to the district court for a new trial. I do not believe that you will have to serve the full current sentence. I am working on making new law in an effort to make things better. Hang in there + take care. I'm still pulling for you." - guess who?

- Be Barbara Daniele, because of you I am able to earn a degree in a field that amazes me. You have been kind + patient with me. Thank you for the opportunity + the kindness + the light. God bless you.


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