Dec. 9, 2012

Human Rights!?

by Eric L. Bell


Human Rights!?

Human Rights? What an interesting concept that certainly deserves a thorough examination in the context of the United States Criminal Justice System...

My governmentally recognized name is Eric Lee Bell, I'm 27 years old, convicted & sentenced to serve 21 years & 1 month back in 2004 (@ the age of 18), convictions overturned on Sept. 16th, 2011 (Bell v. State, 46 Kan. App. 2d 488), & guess what? I'm still in prison more than a year later! How's that for a personal introduction? Impressed? Me neither. "How in the hell is this possible" - is what every concerned citizen who advocates for Human Rights should be asking themselves...

It's possible because this country's wonderful judicial system operates by mechanisms that allows for an individual's liberties to be swiftly taken & only grudgingly taken back (usually after years of laboriously complex legal battles & untold thousands of dollars). I specifically said - taken back - because this justice system returns nothing on its own volition, even when it's perfectly aware of a gross error committed on the behalf of the municipality (& I'm only speaking from experience)...

Now, one might be inclined to suggest that this is a constitutional matter & logically question what this has to do with Human Rights. Well, my friend, I have already won the constitutional battle in not one but TWO higher courts (well, my godsend of an attorney did - Mr. Michael P. Whalen out of Wichita, KS) & this is where Human Rights factor into this precarious equation...

Human Rights... a concept primarily predicated upon the basis that there exists fundamental rights & conditions that should naturally be afforded to every bipedal creature possessing 46 chromosomes in their DNA. (I guess that's what makes us human?) This concept even asserts that these fundamental rights & conditions should be inalienable regardless of one's social or political status...

Well, the reality of the situation is that this conceptual masterpiece called Human Rights is grossly deviated from by the U.S. "justice" system & the American prison-industrial complex on a consistent daily basis (you know it, I know it, hell, even they know it). Prime example - December 4th will mark the 2 year anniversary of my "marriage" with solitary confinement a.k.a. lockdown (care to celebrate w/me? Well, good. Send me some blog love. :D). How can this be despite the vast amounts of scientifically valid data which unequivocally proves the adverse (& in many cases - irreversible) effects of long-term segregation upon a human both psychologically & physiologically???

As crazy as this may sound, the thing I personally rue the most is the lack of fresh air (as provided by nature) & the fact that it's been 2 years since I've felt any direct sunlight. I won't even mention that I'm only allowed to shower 3 times a week, or clean this damn cell that I'm in 24 hours a day only once a week. & God forbid that I say a word about being subjected to these subhuman conditions well beyond a year after a superior court had this to say in the final paragraph of their decision on my appeal:

"We do not set aside a jury verdict lightly... But Bell was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison, & we also recognize that no one can - or SHOULD - be sent to prison in the United States unless he or she has received a fair trial in compliance with constitutional requirements". (emphasis mine)

Human Rights... I love the concept & graciously respect all of its advocates & their wonderful work. But, what better way to celebrate this day than by being inspired to help a fellow citizen such as myself by calling the law offices of Michael P. Whalen (316-265-1598) & asking him how you can help win this battle.

For more information regarding me & my struggle, please go to: & find me under the name Eric L. Bell.

For more information regarding the best damn attorney in the state of Kansas, please go to:

I humbly thank you for taking the time to read this.


Eric L. Bell


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