June 12, 2011

Dragging a Love

From Augustus Real Talk by Samuel Augustus Erby (author's profile)


June 1, 2011 @ 7:43 AM

Written by Samuel Augustus Erby

Dragging a Love
Time has passed and my thoughts have shifted
Though my feelings and my love haven't changed
Your mere presence was good for my soul sometimes
Amongst some other things
We laughed, talked, and gazed into each other's eyes
Never once mistaking the love that we harbored inside
Even if we wanted to hide in our own special place
Everyone could find it written all over our face
Seven years! Baby girl, yes, time has passed us by
So many nights I've lain awake wondering to myself why
Or if we ever crossed paths again, will she give it another try
Some questions don't have answers, only actions that solidify
A promise made, a promise broke, and a heart to match it too
No matter what your lie may be, I'll never stop loving you
Now sitting here pouring it out, sitting here on this stool
Wondering how long it will be this time before you have me looking like a fool
A funny kind of love we share
Consummated with only touches, stares, and cares
But it's real, no doubts at all, it's real!


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