Feb. 1, 2012

310 Days Count Down: My Release Nears!

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January 16, 2012
310 Day Countdown: My Release Nears!
By Samuel A. Erby

Well, as the title states, I have 310 days remaining here in prison before I'm finally released from this living hell.

Dear ladies and gentlemen of this blog site, I've been incarcerated for the past 16 years now, regretfully missing a great part of my unlived life. I'm not going to be foolish on the facts or allow my pride to hinder me from being realistic with myself, but I'm fully aware that there will be obstacles in my path to succeed, but with my patience, confidence, and will to overcome, I'll succeed anyway. I am more than ready for the routine on sloath of "no!"'s Yet even more prepared for the "Yes! Show my your presentation."

My last 8 years have been spent fine tunning some upstart ideas of mine, which consist of a security system to better prevent kidnapping, a house cleaning/lawn maintenance service, a barber/beauty shop, and a modern American super club.

I've also gotten the necessary education needed to start these endeavors, such as business administration, business management, OSHA, and food service one and two. Just to name a few, making the best of my time. There's a saying that goes that prison is the biggest and best university. It's all about how and what you choose to learn.

My first full day of freedom will be spent at the unemployment office filing out applications, at the bank filing out forms to get grants and upstart money for my entrepreneurial endeavors.

I kindly yet urgently ask anyone and everyone out there in the BTB universe that owns a business or have some resources to give to me for grants or know anyone who can promote my ideas. Please contact me ASAP! I messed up once in life and it caused me to miss the last days of some people who were very near and dear to me. So doing it again is not an option.

And it may seem outrageous and far-fetched to many, but with only God, desire, and the will to succeed, I will be financially be wealthy by 2026. Wealthy enough to retire—but I won't! :)

Anyway, I don't want to bore you all, so I'll end this for the moment. But know that I'll keep you all posted. So until the next post, countdown with me! 310, 309...

Your friend,
Augustus Erby #809841
3899 State Hwy. 98
New Boston, TX 75570


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