Feb. 8, 2013

Don't Cry For Me

by George Borges (author's profile)



Today is a day of joy, for me at least, though my mother is in great pain. It saddens me somewhat, for I can feel her pain, and anger toward God, though I can't understand why. You'd think she'd be happy for me when I saw a light for a second time today, once during birth, then again when I died.

I could have been revived, but with so much sin, chaos, and bias laws, I knew I wouldn't fit in. God gave me a choice between heaven or earth, there was nothing to think about, I decided to stay. Mother, please listen, don't hurt for me, the light in the gateway is serene, and heaven so beautiful, it can't be described.

Mother, you're right, my death was no accident. But don't get mad, and blame the doctors or God, it was I who took my umbilical cord, and wrap it around my neck. There was nothing but oppression and misery in store in my future.

Common young males in the U.S. have become an endangered species, even boys in grade school get imprison instead of needed counseling. Mother, I like it here, "God has many mansions", and they're all made of gold. I picked out two rooms for you and I, for one day we will meet again, without any corrupt institution standing in our way. So mother, smile, don't cry for me.



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jesusdalmasi Posted 10¬†years ago. ✓ Mailed 10¬†years ago   Favorite
Good to hear from you ..love and miss you like crazy ..im doin
Good ive Made alot of changes in my life ..it all started when iwent to t.c in sterling correctional facility ..the therapeutic community gave me a chance to figure me out and see where did I go wrong..first I took a look at my core beliefs ..I use to feel like I didn't have a choice but to be in the streets and get money get high rob steal exc..wrong I was ..moms was right nothing in the streets but trouble. .well we live and we learn ..I take take of business like a real man and it feels great. .since I been out for a year and one month I ve quit smoking cigarettes I dont drink or have done any drugs this is the first time in my life ive been sober on my own choice in over 20 years and let me be the first to tell you ..being sober is its own high im so happy these days..I been at my job for a year now and have been promoted twice. .I work the beam saw machine at furniture works in denver and see a great future for myself and fiance who works there as the supply manager ... by the way..tina said HI.!!...So yeah im doing good I even have my own place ..I will send you pictures well I LOVE AND MISS YOU MY FAVORITE UNCLE MR MONEY G AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS THOUGHT ABOUT take care LOVE AND PEACE .

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