Feb. 19, 2013

Can You Imagine?

by LeVar E. Jones (author's profile)


6-12-04 Can You Imagine? By LeVar E. Jones c. 2013

Can you imagine being in prison, with 25 to life?
Can you imagine not seeing your kids or kissing your wife?
Can you imagine 100 years hanging over your head?
And the only way to be released is you end up dead!
Can you imagine waking up and looking at concrete?
Can you imagine having nightmares every time you go to sleep?
Can you see yourself somewhere stranded on death row?
Can you imagine someone being there or someone that's about to go?
Can you imagine getting caught up and going to the hole?
Can you imagine getting out and they quickly violate your parole?
Can you imagine being at the wrong place at the wrong time?
And they lock you up and charge you with the crime?
Can you imagine being in prison and the inmates get shot?
All because they were fighting and the guards told them to stop.
Can you imagine being surrounded by thieves and drug dealers?
Can you imagine being in a cell and your celly is a contracted killer?
Can you imagine being with your friend who gets stabbed in the neck?
And he thought it was sweat and his T-shirt is soaking wet.
Can you imagine being on lockdown and they won't let you out?
Can you imagine being alone and there's no one to help you out?
Can you imagine being whitee and having the charges dropped?
Can you imagine being "black" and your life just all of a sudden stop?
Can you believe that all of these prisons are packed?
Can you imagine that they're overcrowded with nothing but blacks?
Can you imagine being away and fighting for your life?
Not to be prejudice but you're not because you're white!
You wake up sweating and you don't know what happened
You thought it was a dream but can you just imagine?


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