March 3, 2013


by Terrance E. White


The pilot program: Security Threat Group Identification, Interdiction, Prevention, and Management (the title defines its purpose) pt.3

Prevention - means to keep from happening or existing, to hold back, hinder, stop, which means that we (prisoners) will be suppressed by any means necessary based on flawed intelligence, through crime initiatives and implementing policies to counter crimes that have not occurred. For example, prisoners are not allowed "contact visits" is solitary confinement units, because there is a potential or possibility for a crime to be committed CDCR NO contact visits speculates and assumes that prisoner's families, friends and associates will be an accomplice to criminal activity, CDCR policy says no kissing, no touching, etc... while on a contact visit on general population (GP). This is what they mean, they they say prevention - instituting policies that suppress the growth and development of prisoners and their families, friends, associates and community, by cutting off whatever crimes that can be committed, but to do this is to insinuate that all our people are criminals, which is an inherited racist disposition inside the institution of Institutionalised Racism (IR). Therefore, we 'all' become suspects or are subjected to policies that limit our interaction and movement.

Management means that act or art of managing "control," this is what it's about; controlling the obsolete "poor class" prisoners, who are only an extension of the obsolete poor class of people out in society and by maintaining control over this class of people they're able to utilise intimidating acts or practices against the prisoners towards controlling them

In true solidarity, we struggle with unity in masses.

Bro. T


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