March 10, 2013

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by Nasir Wali Muhsin (author's profile)
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To: "Katemonster"


Luv the name!! But you can't really be a monster - if you're a monster then I'm the "boogie man" :P

I would like to thank you for transcribing my post. This outlet is all some of us got so it means a lot to me!! Thank you 1,000 times!!

With regards to "Forrest Gump" the movie, it's been eons since I've seen it so my memory is vague but I'm sure the part you spoke of is worthy of notice!!

Here in the Wis. DOC we only get movies that are PG13 or done by Warner Bros and Paramount Pics. So we're limited, however we do get good once/ones from time to time.

Notably it's Feb so the Institution felt it a good idea to show us "Roots" by Alex Haley for Black History Month... Personally I kinda felt insulted due to the fact that I'm Afro-American every day, month and year I'm alive so the celebration and acknowledgment should (be) every day, year and month just as it (should be) for EVERY ethnicity or ethnical group, in my personal opinion I think/feel that Black History Month is one tool too many to keep racism alive in the hearts and minds of many people!

Here in prison - you'll find guys who'll get so pro-black during Feb. that it's a tension in the air so thick between staff - other ethnicities and the self proclaimed pro-blacks that you could cut it with a knife! It's sad. :'(. Instead of looking for the beauty and prosperity of being Afro-American many will use times of slavery and 100s of years of the past to harvest and display hate and anger!... Not me... I got bigger fish to fry!!

"Free Nasir"

P.S. Please let me know how you feel about Black History Month and/or what I've said above...

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Katemonster Posted 10 years ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post (again ;) ).

I think Black History Month has its place as a tool of education, and it's better to have a dedicated month than nothing at all to make people think about it. But then, I'm neither black nor American and far be it from me to say you can't have your own opinions and feelings.

Nasir Wali Muhsin Posted 9 years, 11 months ago.   Favorite
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