April 16, 2013

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by Nasir Wali Muhsin (author's profile)
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(March 10, 2013)


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Dear: buhogrunon & Katemonster!...

Today I got a print of the comments you left on my take regarding Black History Month and I must say that I've been inspired to see things from an angle other than my own!...

You see, Black History Month, just as all other holidays, often rubbed me the wrong way as I've always saw "every day" as a day to be proud of one's ethnicity, or every day we wake up as a day of "new birth", or the celebration of Christ as something that should be done "daily"... So for (me), I would often get upset when I see these days of celebration or in some cases weeks or months of celebrations come and go to the point where it's like we only care about it for that short period then it's back to business as usual!! :(

I saw on "PBS" a few weeks ago a documentary about this one young man who sought to actually do away with Black History Month - and he hit the streets, campaign at hand, and was hit with a very interestingly diverse take from the public and even a few civil rights activists... It was clear that those who objected the idea saw it as a time of "focused commemoration" of both historical people and events not to mention "those to come" - while those who saw it as a good idea felt like I often do = (every day is Black History)!! :| Or is a reason to commemorate black history - present and future - people and events... (but) the key word is "FOCUSED" commemoration!... When we delegate "special times" to celebrate or commemorate people and events, those times will be more (direct and focused) so sure, one can celebrate and commemorate daily but when done COLLECTIVELY on specific times and days it makes it all the more "gratifying"!... Uummmm, so wholesome to the mind and intellect!... :)

Then you (buhogrunon), you spoke of the "suffragette"!... Wow!... How ironic that just last night I wrote a piece called: "Nasir Speaks for the Women" dedicated to the oppressed - denigrated - abused - objectified and voiceless women all over the world which was inspired by yet a couple more programs I saw on "PBS" (* Note: I guess by now y'all realize that I'm a "PBS kid" :P). One was based on a rock group called: "Pussy Riot" from Mosscow/Moscow! Man, this is a female group of rockers from another planet. Their campaign is strictly about "female empowerment and equality let alone justice"!... If y'all could find time, please check out their cause and movement! I don't recall all their names but (3) was Nadia - Cot and Maria!... The other program was called "Girl Model" based on young girls 12-13 growing up in the model/prostitution world!! :( (sad) But after seeing - recalling and hearing about so much female oppression, I sat up and wrote "Nasir Speaks for the Women" so it's ironic that you spoke of the "suffragette movement" in your comment!... Oh - wait, I apologize, the group "Pussy Riot" was (not) featured on PBS, it was on "60 Minutes". But the other program I saw on PBS was called "Half the Sky"... Listen - Katemonster and buhogrunon, y'all must (this is an order), go check into (all 3), The Pussy Riot, Half the Sky and Girl Model.

I think by nature I'm an egalitarian. I naturally hope and wish not only but (do) all I can to invoke equality of all... It just hurts to know, see and know the sh*! that the female has to endure!! :( Now my eyes are open and I'm saddened by what I see and know!... What did you guys do for National Women's Day!?!?! Me... I sat around sad about the fact that I've no girlfriend or wife to hold at night and my pillow's not cutting the bill!! :P

Wait!... "Miss Katemonster" - neither black or American!?!?! (Then what)!?!... Meaning your nationality and or ethnicity!?! Huuuummm!... Are you "monster" - like really MONSTER :P l.o.l. (smile)

I too feel and understand that Black History Month is a time of education - it just shocks me that we don't give the struggles and contributions of blacks/Afro-Americans the same due outside of Feb. However I do respect and understand the need and goal of having Black History Month set aside for the purpose of a "collective commemoration"!... After all when doing things collectively with like or greater minds the feeling as well as give and take is all the more wholesome and edifying... as it's the same for all holidays and annual events!... Just the same - just becuz (you're) not "black or American" does not mean that (your) input - critique and advice is not worthy and necessary... This is what (I) "encourage and seek". This is how (I) GROW as a "person" and (us) as a "people"!...

"Each one teach one"!... Both you and buhogrunon - wait - what does "Buhogrunon" mean!?!...? Well, both you guys make VERY "solid and profound" points and although I stand on my views I cherish - honor - understand - accept and respect y'all's....

I'm closing - again I must extend my utmost respect and appreciation for you guys' help - take and communication!... The exchange gives me reason to ponder - seek - grow and write!!

I'm out!...
I am: Nasir Wali Muhsin!...

*** P.S. Could someone please answer my question posted at "Climax"!?!...

"Free Nasir"


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Katemonster Posted 9 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. And I'm British and white, of Irish descent. :)

@smith Posted 9 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
My dear brother Nip ...although some may know Nasir and I respect that fully but the only man I know is Nip. I got your letter and I will do what I can to grant some of your request. I thank you dearly for taking the time to grace the paper with your ink just to communicate with me. Please know that your food for thought and expressions are truly remarkable. There are so many things I could ask you and will in due time. But for now you be safe and " keep your head to the sky"

Love, peace, and blessings brother

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