March 11, 2013

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by Ronald E. Blount (author's profile)
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My opinion is a lot of people love to say that they are sticking to their roots, but in all reality they really don't know where their roots begin or end. I know because I used to say the same thing. Sometimes people take different phrases and quotes and use them out of context. To use myself as an example; if I were sticking to my roots, why am I the only one our of my family incarcerated? That was an error in my thinking. See sometimes we as people can get stuck in an illusion.

I love the way you perceive things, but I think that the problem with the division of communities is the division of communities. If everyone could just look at each other as one race, the HUMAN race, and stop using the different hues and complexions to categorise ourselves then we could knock down these invisible man-made barriers to create a better modern community. If a group of people can agree on one thing that they can agree on another. So if we as people can agree that we all are one race then eventually we will all agree that we need to change, but I may be wrong. Does it hurt to try?

I appreciate your comment and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who perceives that it's unhealthy to be confined in one thing.

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I couldn't have worded it better. That's exactly what I was speaking about, the unity. But not just the unity in one particular group. It's a new day and era. Almost everybody on this planet has the equal opportunity to succeed in life, so why limit yourself or hold another person back? If we as people could just unite then we could accomplish a lot of things. I can't speak for any other culture but I'm going to assume that the majority of indigenous people are like a lot of African-Americans. They want to dwell on the past and hold hatred for the mistreatment of our ancestors. Dwelling on the past doesn't change what happened nor will it bring our ancestors back. I know there's a lot of good Whites/Europeans out there.

I don't like the slaughter and raping of my people but we made it through it. So that should be a motivation to keep trying to move forward not backwards. For me to hate a group of people because their ancestors mistreated my ancestors would be wrong on my behalf. And my people have so much hate in them, they hate each other. If they could learn how to let things go, then we could unite with each other and become one with other people. Me, personally, I'm not going to let those who still live and think that way hold me back. I take full responsibility for breaking the law. Just like I take full responsibility in bettering myself and the world around me.


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