May 8, 2013
From Fight for Freedom by Michael Crenshaw


pain like never before during this ordeal. I have seen more violence in prison then ever on the streets, and that's sad. My First Father's day in prison was filled with murder, violence and mayhem and I couldn'g believe the things that I seen that day it will forever be apart of my memories. And I was totally in shock from the things that I seen on that day it changed me so much to where I just figured that my life was truly over. After seeing so much on my first Father's day in prison I knew that I had to be very careful in order to save my life in prison. I had never been in prison before so I truly had no idea what to exspect at all, but I had to become a fast learner for sure or I would not have made it to see this day. This Nightmare is something that I don't wish on anyone. And I will live the rest of my life giving back to those in need and to society as a whole for my anti social behavior that led me to be in prison today. After that Father's Day I was totally confused you see I could not understand why some people hated me simply because of my skin color and In return was suppose to hate them also, but that question of why? Never left my mind I soon found out that it didn't matter what my questions of why was about because I jsut had to get with the program of violence and mayham in San Quentin prison in the early '80's and those day it was still very violent in prison, mind you I had never been exposed to this kind of violence before I was only eighteen when I came to prison and I wasn't mature enough to truly understand just what I got myself into and the pain that I caused my victims family as well as Richard I had no right to harm another human being.

My life has taked so many changes for the good now, The good lord has blessed me to have a reason to fight for my freedom after 32 years.
I am not my past and the lord has forgiven me and that's what truly matters the most to me and I knwo that I will get to go home one day soon.

After leaving S.Q. prison I was sent to Old Folsom prison in CA, and that was just as bad a place to be for a young teen you know so I did what I had to do to survive in this madness and I don't wish this on anyone I just want to be able to help the youth before they get caught up in the belly of the beast called prison. So I am doing all that I can to better myself to be in the right position to help the youth of the future, it's sad to see that the people that run this prison system in CA. say that the youth can't be helped and I don't ever believe that. you see. I have a real life story to tell of a lost teen that came to prison so young and many days I never thought that I would live to be able to get out of this madness we call prison.
Don't get me wrong because I deserved to come to prison to pay for my crime, and i have been here now for the last 32 yrs. i am now 50 yrs old my whole life has been in prison and I have done everything that the system asked me to do to get a parole date, but still in yet here I am fighting for my freedom.

All alone, I have been gone so long now to the people that really cared about me the most has all passed away.

So I find myself writing this blog to seek outside help that will help me fight for my freedom. I'm in need of a lawyer that can help me ProBono: you see I have no money to fight the system with and that is a big problem I have to get a private lawyer that will fight for me as well as all the outside support that I can get that is my only these days.

I am sending some certificates of the things that I have done to better myself and it's along list of things, and I continue to better myself everyday.

P.S. This is my contact information:

Mr. Michael A. Crenshaw
P.O. Box 2000-C-58192
Vacaville, CA 95696

Anyone willing to help me fight for my freedom Please contact me.
I just went to the Board of Prison terms and I need a lawyer to file my writ pertaining to the board, this is very important.


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