June 19, 2013

Fight for Freedom

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I came to old Folsome in the early Eighties from S.Q Prison. Just woke up one morning and the whole tier was moved to Old Folsom and at that time the races were at war with each other. I was still a teen so I was confused about this whole nightmare that I was living and I've seen things in prison that no teen should see. People was stabbing each other for no reason it seemed to me. I realise that I had to pay for my crime and here I am thirty-two years later still incarcerated, fighting for my life. I'm fifty years old now and my whole life has gone by. I have done everything that has been asked of me and some but I still sit here.

I had to grow up real fast and learn to protect myself from all kinds of predators behind these prison walls. Old Folsom turned out to be violent there is no place to go in prison that has no violence. Most people on the streets don't have a clue how bad it is for a teen in prison, it is pure hell believe that and all you parents out there please save your teens before they are caught up in the belly of the beast, which is prison it can destroy a person mentally.

So here I am fifty years old and fighting for my freedom in 2013. I just went to my board of parole hearing on Feb 21 2013 and after almost five hours of trial, I truly believed that I would get a date to go home, but I was denied once again. I have everything that is needed to parole but yet I was still denied and I don't know what else I can do but ask for outside support from people that are willing to help me fight for my freedom so please contact me all those who wish to help.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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