March 15, 2013

My Resume Of Self-Help Group-Classes

From Fight for Freedom by Michael Crenshaw


(My Resume of Self-Help Groups - Classes...)

Narcotics Anonymous - N.A. Sponsor... 12 years
Certificate of Achievement - New Life Behavior Curriculum True Freedom.
G.E.D. certificate.
E.C.S. prison ministry of Northern Calif - many certificates.
Victim Awareness Group - certificate.
Certificate on seminar of - the Epistles of John.
Certificate of completion - The Vessel; Discovering Your Divine Design: Passport Purpose.
Certificate of completion - The Basic Doctrine Bible Study Course.
Centerforce: Gordon Graham & Company, Inc. - A Frame Work for Breaking Barriers - A Cognitive Reality Model.
Certificate of achievement - Managing My Anger.
Certificate of completion - Multicultural Motivation. Development Groups Edational: life experience training sessions.
Certificate of completion - Basic Infectious Disease Training - requisite for HE peer health education program.
Certificate of completion - Let It Be Known: New Beginnings.
Certificate of completion - Project Impact.
Certificate of completion - Members of Modern American Society - Investments and Business Planning - Finance Fundamentals - Portfolio Diversification and Risk.
Certificate of completion - Members of Modern American Society - Personal Finance - Budgeting - Taxes, Credit - Insurance - Accounting.
Certificate of completion: Members of Modern American Society - Conquering the Job Market - Job Search - Resume - Cover Letter - Interviewing - Professionalism - Goal Setting.
Certificate of achievement - Options Recovery Services Addiction Recovery Counseling Program.
Certificate of appreciation - Developing Life Skills - five years of dedication 2005 to 2010 - to the principles of self help and insight - New Leaf on Life Group.
Certificate of completion - Keeping It Real - Life.
Certificate of appreciation - Vietnam Veterans Group - scholarship and charitable programs.
Certification of completion - Criminon - The Learning Improvement Extension Course.
Certificate of completion - parenting programs - Friends Outside, national organization.
Vocational Bakery Program certificate - bread & rolls.
Vocational Bakery Program certificate - ingredients & properties.
Vocational Bakery Program certificate - biscuits & muffins
Chapel of the Good Shepherd: Certificate of Baptism - 5-6-2011. To many chrono's, name them all...
Parole plans - Options Re-Entry Program - for long term lifers in Berkeley CA.
Letter from the Mayor of Richmond - on the Richmond Project Group to help the youth of the Bay Area.

My job & work experience: 1982-2012: we are not allowed to remain in one job...

Back dock worker - loading and unloading shipments etc.
Culinary worker - line server - line backer.
Clerk - visiting
Culinary cook - main kitchen.
P.I.A. - laundry
Voc. bakery - certified baker
Silk screening
Culinary cook
Lead baker - for six years: over ten years experience.
Clothing room worker.
Reception center clerk - I.D.'s & canteen: 3 years
Sgt. clerk - yard.
M.V.P. order clerk.
P.I.A. - inner spring mattress dept.
6. Culinary lead cook - main kitchen
7. Culinary butcher - main kitchen
8. Voc. electronic

Mr. Michael A. Crenshaw
P.O. Box 2000 C-58192
Vacaville CA. 95695

Mr. Michael Crenshaw

Profile: Over 10 years of experience in Baking: Bakery setting, highly motivated, able to multi task and prioritized workload under pressure, as well as increase pace workload demands. Excellent interpersonal skills, with ability to build rapport and develop regular clientele, team player, note for volunteering to work additional shifts, in other department. Keen attention to detail.

Key Skills: Baker/Customer service: skilled in essential physical function - anticipating needs and empathizing with diverse customers. Speak clearly, quickly identify and resolve problems. Listen and respond to requests and follow up to assure complete satisfaction. Outstanding up selling ability, without overselling.

Baker: Answer all questions about baking methods, menu items, special and prices. Prepare and/or deliver baked goods, check baked food for appearance, portion size.

Team leader/trainer: experience in leading teams, delegating, enforcing policies, and ensuring assigned tasks are completed. Motivate co-workers.

Professional Employment:

Baked for over 4000 people in Folsom State Prison 1988-1990. Open Bakery in Solano State Prison, baked for over 4000 people, made special orders for administration.

Lead Baker of 14 man crew 1994-2000

Key Accomplishment:

* Received Letters of appreciation from staff and supervisor

* Actively built team mind set and morale, achieving

* Improve attendance and performance

* Stressed employees role in organization


G.E.D., also 2 years of college at Sacramento State College, Sacramento Ca

Getting Out by Going In

DATE: January 1, 2013
C58192 J3-58
PO Box 2000
Vacaville, CA 95695

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to document the academic accomplishment of Mr. Michael A. Crenshaw Sr. who successfully completed our 12-week self-study curriculum. Mr. Crenshaw submitted his academic work, which displayed significant insight into his prior mistakes. His ability to be honest and his maturity is evident in his work and we are impressed with the professionalism of his submissions. Mr. Crenshaw has the ability to completely understand the power of the positive tools as taught by GOGI and he is utilizing these tools in his daily decision-making. We are confident that if taught these tools as a young boy, the events of his life would have been vastly different.

It is obvious to our academic review committee that Mr. Crenshaw has displayed dedication to making better decisions in his life and is incorporating the GOGI tools of positive decision-making in his daily life. His academic file proved he can follow instructions, complies with all requirements, understands the importance of structure. His file also indicates an understanding of right from wrong, making positive decisions in the future, and the importance of living as a positive example for others.


Coach Taylor
Founder and Executive Director
Getting Out By Going In

Getting Out By Going In - GOGI
Leader in Inmate Self-Education
PO Box 88969 - Los Angeles, CA - 90009 -

[copy of GOGI certificate of completion]

ECS Prison Ministry
of Northern California

This certifies that
Michael A. Crenshaw
has successfully completed
Men Who Met The Master
by correspondence

Grade 95% .5 Units

Jan 26, 2012

Mike Ausmus
Correspondence School Director

ECS Prison Ministry
of Northern California

This certifies that
Michael A. Crenshaw
has successfully completed
Who Is The Greatest Man Alive?
by correspondence

Grade: 93% 1 Units

Oct 12, 2011

Mike Ausmus
Correspondence School Director

ECS Prison Ministry
of Northern California

This certifies that
Michael A. Crenshaw
has successfully completed
by correspondence

Grade: 84% 1 Units

Sep 10, 2012

Mike Ausmus
Correspondence School Director

ECS Prison Ministry
of Northern California

This certifies that
Michael A. Crenshaw
has successfully completed
by correspondence

Grade: 90% 1 Units

Jul 30, 2012

Mike Ausmus
Correspondence School Director


Thank you for agreeing to provide a support letter on behalf of my client. To assist in preparing this letter, I have provided a guideline below. This is intended to provide the reader with ideas and you are encouraged to use your own words.

The letters should be sent to the individual's counselor at the prison.

Counselor's name: Ms. Vadem Prison: C.M.F. City, State: Vacaville CA Zip: 95695
Prisoner's Name: Crenshaw CDC#: C-58192 (essential).
Mail a copy to the attorney AT LEAST one week prior to the hearing to ensure prompt delivery.

All letters should be dated and signed. Job offers should ADDITIONALLY be prepared on company letterhead.

Paragraph 1: Begin by introducing yourself and your purpose in writing. You may be a spouse, child, friend, pastor, etc.

Paragraph 2: This section should define your contacts with the individual, your ability to observe the person and the duration of your acquaintance.

Paragraph 3: This should contain a statement of your knowledge of the person's commitment offense. A few short sentences are sufficient.

Paragraph 4: This paragraph should provide your opinion as to this person's character prior to the commitment, if known, and at the present time which now makes this person a suitable candidate for parole. You may also include your knowledge of the person's prison behavior, if known.

Paragraph 5: The Board wishes to know what kind of support is available once the person is released from prison. There is where some may provide the Board with information regarding support which could include spiritual, emotional, housing or monetary assistance.

Paragraph 6: This may include your recommendation for parole consideration to the Board members. This may be based upon a variety of issues, including:

A. Reputation in the community and good character.
B. Productive life prior to incarceration. Past contributions to society, and given the opportunity, the ability to again contribute.
C. Community and church involvement, if applicable.
D. Attitude and the use of time during incarceration.

Your letters inform the Board that there is a network in people outside of prison who are ready, willing and able to assist the individual should parole be granted. This network of people helps to assure the individual of an easier transition from prison to the community.

There are CAVEATS, as I have learned. They include the following:

1. Do NOT express personal views, if any, on the criminal justice system or the manner that you may believe one has been treated unjustly.
2. Do NOT comment on the evidence, or lack of evidence, in the case.
3. Do NOT make political comments.

Thank you again for your assistance. You may mail a copy of your letter to me at the following address:

1st class mail
Write me

Mr. Michael A. Crenshaw
P.O. Box 2000 - C58192 J3-56
Vacaville CA 95695


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