March 30, 2013

My Life Story...

From Fight for Freedom by Michael Crenshaw



On Nov 21 1963, I was born to the parents of Mary L. Wright of Alabama and Curtis L. Crenshaw of Oklahoma City, OK, in the the city of Martinex CA, and for some reason two months later my mother gave me away to her brother Frank Wright and my uncle and aunt raised me in a nice middle class neighbourhood in Richmond CA. I grew up a happy child for the first ten years in our house, my uncle and aunt taught me everything that I know today and I feel with all my soul that I let my uncle and aunt down when I came to prison, let me back up a bit first. My uncle started going to People's Temple Church in San Francisco CA. Pastor Jim Jones and he met a woman there by the name of Hortense, and that was the beginning of the end to my happy house, as shortly thereafter my uncle and aunt went through a divorce, and I was left out in the cold. You see I was forced to move with my mother and siblings in North Richmond CA, and that was the start of my nightmare of decline. You see when I had to move in my mother's house nobody accepted me in that house, I was a stranger among family and came to find out my siblings did not want anything to do with me in that house. I came to live with my siblings at the age of ten years old. I was square going to school and living life care-free and then everything came crashing down and I had nothing left once my uncle moved in with his new lady Hortense and she did not like me from the start. Why, maybe because I reminded her of my aunt Lou, she was the best thing that ever came into my life, alone with my uncle I missed them dearly. I was there for them when they truly needed me the most, so I have to forgive myself and pray that they forgive me. You know, I love my aunt and uncle with all my heart and soul, they taught me the world in middle class, but in return I let them down by coming to prison and not being there for them when they truly needed me the most and that hurts me dearly.

I first came to the country jail in Martinez CA, and I was shocked to be incarcerated. I didn't know what to do at all and I learned fast to survive that is what had to happen. O.6's starting telling me not to ride this case by myself but me being brainwashed by the streets at that time I did not say anything about other people, you see I thought that I was doing the right thing, and it cost me more than I would have ever thought possible in life. So you see I hope that my story might help other teens to not make the same kind of mistakes that I made as a teen who thought I knew everything but in reality I did not know anything whatsoever. And here I sit thirty two years later still incarcerated fighting for my freedom. I thought that my so-called friends would be by my side over the years but that did not take place, my homeboys all fell off and her I am all alone. But allow me to go back in time. I was convicted of 1st degree murder at the age of eighteen, my whole life was ruined. And I also hurt another family by taking the life of their loved one and I am truly sorry for causing a family so much pain by my actions. I was very much anti-social in my late teens and I hurt a lot of people and I am deeply ashamed. For that my life has become a living amends on behalf of my victim and for the last thirty two years I have not committed another violent act and I never will, and I pray to God that he guides me in the right direction in the name of Jesus Christ. You see I am a born-again Christian and I feel so much better in life and I work everyday to be a better person and give back to society by giving back to others that may be struggling with some issues in life.

I came to prison three days after xmas and I felt all alone in a cage like an animal and I don't wish that on nobody. That as a teen it can destroy you for real, I was hopeless myself and angry at the world and myself. So I acted out, the system was very violent when I came to prison and as a youth I had no understanding of how prison worked and I was not ready to see other races trying to attack me simply because of my skin colour. That was a shock for real so I had to grow up fast in order to be able to survive. The prison system is no place for young teens to be placed. It can destroy them totally and the system turns around and holds the teen responsible for that misfortune. Also, it's sad to see that take place, I know how that works first hand because I have lived that myself, you see the prison system don't have anyone to help young people survive in this madness. You are totally on your own. This is a hard life to live and I remember everything that I have been through over the last three decades. I have been through Hell and back and I have felt...


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