May 23, 2013
by Benny Choice (author's profile)


How are you doing B+B viewers? This week I hope well. I would like to talk about Marijuana and alcohol, how one is not illegal and the other is legal. Both drug cause harm just as much as the other. Marijuana should be legal just like alcohol. Once upon a time alochol was illegial to drink but the government passed a bill and made alcohol legal to drink. If you compare alcohol and marijuana together to see what drug does the most harm to society it would be alcohol not marijuana. You don't see people checking themselves into rehab over marijuana. You don't see people abusing their loved one over marijuana. You don't see people having blackouts cause they smoke marijuana. If you see somebody committing a crime while on marijuana, nothing but marijuana, I'm here to tell you the person is a natural criminal. He or she do not need any drug to cause harm or commit a crime that person is a natural criminal. From my experience from smoking marijuana it did not make me want to commit a crime. It made me feel relaxed, it calmed my nerves, it made my mind slow down. Sometimes it made me feel like a player and it made me want to have sex. Everybody I was around who was smoking marijuana was ladi back and calm. My drug of choice is marijuana cause if I drink alcohol it's not pretty to see me. I act like a fool when I drink and that's why I don't drink cause I know I will get into trouble.

With alcohol you see people checking into rehabs cause they have a problem with alcohol. You see people who drink get into bar fights hitting their spouse and family members. You see people who drink commit crimes and those people who drink alcohol are able to do the most ugliest things like sexually assault women even sometimes kids. Alcohol causes more car accidents then marijuana. I never heard of marijuana poisoning but I have heard of alcohol poisoning. Compare alcohol to marijuana and see which one is more harmful then the other. Clearly alcohol outweighs marijuana. Marijuana was once used as a theraputic drug for people who was serving in the army or people who have glaucoma so marijuana does more good then alcohol. People don't go into a rage while smoking marijuana but people do go into rage while drinking alcohol so the government should legalize marijuana and have the same rules as alcohol like you have to be 21 years old to smoke marijuana just like alcohol. The government profit off of alcohol so why not profit off of marijuana. The government also profits off of human beings. In today's society you have all of these drugs that kids can get at the gas station or corner store. Those drugs are worse than marijuana and those drugs are still being sold to kids legally. Some people drug of choice is marijuana or alcohol. These two drugs should be the only drugs to be legal in the United States. That's how I feel about the issue. If the governement can't legalize marijuana then alcohol should not be legal. You can't have one drug legal then the other drug illegal. That is a double standard. Everybody knows alcohol is caucasions drug of choice right along with native Americans. Marijuana is African American drug of choice right along with latino. Now Asian they like their white rice and their marijuana so let's get marijuana legal then that will cut down on crimes as in selling marijuana. When that happens taxpayers money won't be used on trying to put people in jail over smoking marijuana. Well now you know how I feel about this topic. Well I'm about to park my mind until next time. Take care B+B viewers. I will leave you with a poem. I hope you like it.

By SilverBack 6B


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bigvarick Posted 10 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years ago   Favorite
O write me or call me I don't know if you still got the info but it is all the same I have not moved of yet but i stay in the phone book I know they be trippin with the phone in there so i don't know if you tryed but I will be sending you some letters and keep you faith up and your heat intack, love you unk Varick.
5301 N. 29th street apt 5
milwaukee, WI. 53209 414-535-8927

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