May 29, 2013
by Eric Wildcat Hall (author's profile)


May 11, 2013

Dear Friends,

Greetings. I hope and pray that my letter finds
all reading this blog in the best of health and strong spirits.

I am surviving here in this concrete and steel
monstrosity deemed rehabilitative, I've always postulated
that the more repressive, the conditions of confinement, the
more stimulative effect upon the mind once released to
freedom, and after a couple of days this stimulative
endorphine high begins to wear off as the weight of
freedom weighs down upon the ex-prisoner, responsibilities,
depressive environment, financial insecurity, unemployment,
or poverty level employment wages, fines, bills, gradually
becomes to much of a burden upon a mind conditioned
through repression to be dependent, resulting
in some form of recidivism whether addiction or
unlawful acts. but then what do I know. I'm just a
prisoner with nothing relevant to say to the majority
of society.

Just read a newspaper artical about the
Antartic and if the ice shelf were to melt it would
raise sea levels, 20 feet, then I thought the artic ice
and glaciers are already melting and should it melt
it would raise world sea levels by 3 ft or so. I think
I remember, not to drastic, just a little water, right.
thing is how far inland would that rise go in
reforming the coast, and how many millions of tons
of heavy metals, fertilizer would through wave action
be washed off shore, talk about algea blooms, "Red Tide"
course I guess the rise in sea-ocean levels will be
somewhat gradual, so maybe the coastlines of the world
won't be devastated by toxic algea blooms that kill the
life forms in the water or make this water life unfit
for human consumption. I wonder what the melt of
Artic ice cap will be this summer, probably more than
last summer, since as the winter cover melts and summer
begins to melt what was remaining from last summer
more carbon particles will be exposed to absorb the
heat of the sun. Carbon esential to all life and yet
it may destroy life as we know it.

Well, finally got the glaucoma medication of
May 8th, 2013, Latanoprost-perscribed 7 1/2 months ago
rather than December 24, 2012 as I was first lead to
believe, it's confirmed as September 27, 2012, and then
the other medication is Timolol Maleate, I submitted
a grievance alledging the withholding from my
awareness the diagnoses of glaucoma and medication
for treatment was retaliation for other griveances.
guards breaking the volume on my television and the
denial of religious diet, and their response to the
grievance was I was perscribed medication on
9-27-12 and had seen the Ophthalmologist on April
25, 2013, which is false as I've never seen the
Ophthalmologist. They just made things worse with
this. I assume they are up to something, where they
are trying to go. I haven't a clue, whatever it is
I don't think it is going to work for them. Time
will tell, that's for sure, it always does.

Still being denied the religious diet and am
still subsisting on food items from the commissary.
have eaten somewhat well so far this month, might
have even gained a couple pounds, been selling
off things I really don't need for food, and I
spent 23.00 of my job pay on food which I'll get
on May 16, 2013, some of it I owe out but I'll
be eating sufficiently for at least a week to ten
(10) days, after that it's another matter entirely,
as I've asked to be stuffed off my job as the
gardener for the cell block flower beds, it's
just to much exposure to bacteria, fungas, pollen
and other allergins that could have given me
eye infections that aren't worth risking with my
having glaucoma, so I'll likely only be getting
a gratuity of about $15.00 a month from now on.
Even now I have some sort of eye infection from
something natural or maybe a adverse effect
from being forced to use a medication that is
7 1/2 months old, who knows.

Well this is getting close to weight and
I only have .69 cents left on my inmate account
and I have to save that for a overseas letter.
I'll be writing soon, so I guess I'll be rolling
along everyone, Take care. Stay strong and be

In the Spirit of Resistance


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Kat_A Posted 10 years, 8 months ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Hi Wildcat,

I'm sitting in a classroom in Detroit, Michigan, at a conference of people talking about media and how we can use it to make the world a better place. The people from Between the Bars are here talking to us about the site and the bloggers who use it, and they gave us some time to sit and read people's posts. I found your posts and thought I would say hello.

I was struck that you mentioned feeding the birds, just after a post in which you mention how hungry you yourself are. I have been thinking that I should get a birdfeeder to stick on my window at my apartment, and I think you have inspired me to finally do that. If you can use your scarce resources to feed the birds, I probably should too.

I also worry a lot about the changes in our climate, the melting ice caps and the implications for future generations. I heard on the radio today that there are big rainstorms in India right now, with floods that are destroying rural communities, and the rains are unseasonably heavy. I think that's probably the new normal. I wonder if you get to go outside in the rain ever, in prison. Or are you mostly stuck inside if the weather is bad? I know I'm often annoyed when I get caught in a rainstorm, but if I could never feel the rain again I know I'd miss it.

It's strange writing to someone I don't know, but I hope this letter finds you well. It's really interesting to see this tiny window into the life of someone incarcerated.


Eric Wildcat Hall Posted 10 years, 5 months ago.   Favorite
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