Aug. 3, 2011
by Eric Z. Youngblood (author's profile)


Monday July 11, 2011

Hey, I wish mountains of miracles 2 everyone. I wish u peace, joy
and the fulfillment of all the golden dreams. I'm grateful 2 be alive 2day. Its
another chance 2 try 2 figure out exactly what the earth is. I'm convinced that
this planet is a school 4 evolving souls. What do u think about that?

What if reincarnation is a fact, and we all continue 2 be reborn until we
reach nirvana? That sounds right 2 me, after all the reading I've done I
figure maybe when our souls attain enlightenment we get 2 be reborn in a
new solar system on a new earth like planet out there somewhere and be some-
body's Jesus. When I say " somebody's Jesus" I mean that we would get 2 be
something like any of the great prophets, messengers and teachers that helped 2
move our world forward. There's no 1 of them I consider greater than the

A teaching from the Quran is that God's true servants believe in all of his prophets
that is that way that I see it. I am a student of life, I study everything that interests
me. I like religion, but I'm into spirituality. I meditate, pray and study the bible as
well as the Quran and I've been religiously committed 2 just 1 "religion" in
the past. But now i perceive the connectedness of it all. I believe in 1 universal creator r
the same - in this way: They teach us 2 be good 2 each other. When u really
think about it, all that u can do 2 show that u even have a conscious knowledge
of god is 2 be of help in some way in life.

So, this connectedness that I perceive running thru them i associate with
what this Islamic Scholar Yusef Ali says is a nickname of Islam - The Gospel of
Unity! The the ultimate purpose of all true religion is 2 unify human
kind. It may sound naive, but i believe that our collective work on the earth
is 2 create the appropriate system whereby there is food and clean water for
everyone everywhere. Then explore space/ Only then will we be worthy of
meeting some other beings out there that may want to interact with us.

Even in Buddhism where there is not a belief in a deity, one is taught 2
nurture and care 4 others and do no harm 2 living beings. Well this is a glimpse n2
my world view and spirituality. I used 2 consider myself Christian. I also used
2 consider myself Jehovah's Witness - which is Christian as well. But after I
studied Islam I found it 2 be the most comprehensive. And 4 me the most
true of all I've found. I do have some progressive ideas that might be un-
welcomed in certain circles. I have a very liberal perspective of
things. So I've learned 2 not put forward my beliefs about Islam and
my personal progressive ideology. Not everyone is open minded in prison.

4 now

I'm in a bit of a hurry.



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Laura Posted 11 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
Eric, this is your step sister Laura, I am sorry for your loss, just wanted to tell you I love you, and will see you when you get here. No worries for sister, I got her. She is strong. Take care of yourself. Love ya.

Eric Z. Youngblood Posted 11 years, 2 months ago.   Favorite
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Ajj13 Posted 6 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
Hello Eric. I read your blog posts and really enjoyed them. My name is Alyssa and I am asking a few people on the blogs some questions for my own research and was wondering if you would answer them if you felt like it. What are ways that some men deal with missing women in prison? Do you think men change not being around women? If so in what ways? How do you think this affects them when they are released? How do men deal with their "needs"? Do you think men become more reserved or dont know how to deal with a womens "touch" when released? ;) I just want to hear your input on this out of curiosity. Speak your mind. You don’t have to hold back. Nothing will offend me. Haha. I would love to maybe see a blog post about this too. Thank you. Hope to hear back soon:)

I would love to see you post more blogs often as well!

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