Aug. 20, 2013

Firstworld Flags

by Brandon Green (author's profile)


*Firstworld Flags* 07/13/2013

Why is there so much pain {picture of star over flames on the side}
Why does life hurt so much
How is it darkness can be so total
Just hours before breakfast
Will I ever stop these compulsions
To excessively wash my hands
Does what I do with my right hand make me less or more of a man
Have you ever felt that death is better
than a second more of this existence
Have you chosen the best way to do it
and what you'll do before you go through with it
Can you imagine yourself an upstanding citizen
when society is mankind's problem
Have you ever wished you could go back
or forward a hundred years and warn them
Is this the reason I was born
to die wondering why I was
Have you ever loved someone that you shouldn't
and become an anti-social personality because
Have you loved and hated in equal measure
tasted accomplishment and defeat
are you done worrying about how you look
and what, if anything, people think
Are you willing to throw it all away for a chance
Would you give up your life for others happiness
Does love sound more like oppression to you now
and has sex ever been so complicated
Do you know where these words and thoughts come from
Are you listening to your favorite stations
the ass-end of a decade in solitary confinement
Vote in the richest. Tune in to prettiest. Congratulations
have you spent all your money on plastics
acquired the newest, namiest prescriptions
Do you smoke a name brand carton a day
and drink a twelve pack supportive corporations
Do you believe you are going to win the lotto
and Jesus will return real soon
Are all other religions manifestations of evil
and is it evil what you do in your bedroom
Are you proud to be an Amerikkan
using the freshest soaps
does the third world blood ever wash off
Is immigration the problem or dope
is there a reason why they burn you
smoldering, limbless bodies you drape
stars and stripes and Nazi symbols
It's why there is so much pain


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hammerfistrose Posted 9 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post, although I don't know if I annotated it correctly as far as what you wanted on which line or what should be capitalized or not. I apologize if I have done anything incorrectly. Please keep up with the writing though. All of your poems amazing.

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