July 13, 2014

Rant To Rave..... July 2014 Entry

From The Unseen Face Of America A Prisoner Rant To Rave by Linniell Phipps (author's profile)


Rant to Rave

July 2014 Entry

My feeble weak mind recalls when the last time I was in general population during a spring and/or summer. It was 2012. I recall it because I was viciously relentlessly harassed the entire spring and summer by everyone damn near possible... But I'm back in imil know. But, I've spent 8 years in IMU, no, this year will be 9 years in imil concurrently if you put it all together since I've been down for the 17 years. I'll say about 13 years in solitary confinement. Shit!! I don't give a flying fuck what others experience. If they want others to know I suggest they develop a voice. I only can focus on what I'm going through... I've heard of all of the scientific reports about how placing one in isolation for a long period of time effects one significantly. But that shit don't mean shit in this world of worlds. In this life, when you're the law enforcement, the state of federal government agency or agent you get to do this shit. This shit is the "things" they talk about you get to do when you become one of them. You get to become a person who thumbs their nose at human rights. You get to enjoy being a criminal of human rights. You get to be a mass murderer. But hey! There are not your typical white and black American face individuals, human being life that you then snoop into, destroyed, killed... Shit! So what. They gave birth to some... So what some are children... Perversion has no limits, no boundaries... But hey! Welcome to my crazy life. This world... Who do you trust? So she says. Well the answer is it's very clear you sexy ass ho... "The ones who have earned it." But you've yet to answer my question. We're ethnic, right? Or just so do you wish so desperately to pull a welcome to the world baby girl moment and bleed that one drop of blood out of your system. But, which drop? The first one or the last one?
For it's found in every drop... They wage this social war on us, we have no choice in the matter. Some of their skin is as dark as black gold... I should be one to know... What do you know? Most likely nothing you will tell... So, I found myself up in the mental ward of WSP hospital due to me laying down in my cell too much and not coming out to the yard and showers. I bird bath in my cell. I don't know if any of you experience a situation where you have someone or multiple individuals spitting on you. And it's nothing you can do about it at that time. But it's a whole other thing when you are handcuffed and they're law enforcement officials, correctional officials. I don't desire it so I found myself being housed in mental health like a space crack pot swatting at imaginary flies in the air, and because Shauna Helhin (The last name is not really her name.) The mental counselor for IMA north made the request. She's more manipulative than the devil myself in a whore house. I guess that's why she got her psych certificate for. While up in there I ran into Becky Doom. (The last name is not really hers either.) And she is most likely like Shauna in character traits. She just got more of a "guys are so stupid and worthless" attitude. Shauna was acting like the witch from Doomsville with her shape shifting body spells, trying to lure the right fool into her Venus flytrap to impregnate her so she can give birth to female she demons. Because you just know for sure any little baby boys found growing inside her will for sure get the witch treatment, if you know what I mean. I found it so funny how this nurse made it her undying mission to let me know how much she didn't like me and considered me the dumbest of persons there. Shit, you know what? I think she's right. But se got a walk and ass on her that will make you take a double look.. But shit, I have so many things wrong with me, half of the time I just talk to myself just to get me through it. It takes so much energy to focus on getting through the days and on top of dealing with these abusive psychopathic government officials day in and day out. Shit. Is I wrong to envision so man of them in a deep sleep underneath earth's carpet...? It was their action that landed them, they're not one's insanity. What kind of justice would that be...? I truly know the feeling of all those who are brutally harassed by the bullies. I understand what those who went on that shooting spree felt like. The loss of hope, justices, fairness as everyone around them start in on them. Their ability to not cope. It's probably why I don't see their acts as an unjust, wrong act. An act of crime...
The systems that were established, designed to prevent this act, these acts is the very same system that is conducting the very at they were created to prevent, to stop. Even I they could fix all of the physical horrors done to me the scars will never heal.
The pain will always live on inside me.
I play this game with one foot in the grave because I have no choice. If both of my feet were out of the grave I'm afraid at this point I'll still be forced to play "it's the game". What's the game? It's defined as life. "The game of life." It's such a cold game. Are you a player or a player hater....? As I wait for this competency evolution to go down under the 10.77 statute of Washington State law.
I no longer can care if I will make it out of here, it's their intent that I don't. Not alive anyway...
As I was being released from mental health Becky said something to me that seemed so out of place. She said, "Don't think we don't care about you." but isn't that the problem. It's your case, your concern for which compels you to commit these hideous acts. As I set myself to prepare these 3 long poems to submit them to 2 or 3 organizations for their annual writing contest which are; Let's Haunt this Women's World, Rasberry Blossom, Buddha.
I close with nothing in mind, but do you see that unseen face of America? Because I do. Every day!

Linniell Phipps DOC#11827 [illegible]
Washington State Penitentiary
1313 N 13th Ave
Walla Walla, WA


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