Nov. 29, 2014

Song: Feeel ya

From Redemption by Ray Jones (author's profile)


Wrote: 2011
Song: Feel Ya
Album: Ready 4 War

Gettn stopped, bailn 2 da sto,
by som racist ass lawz,
thinkn im up, 2 no funkn good,
tryna break, into carz....
N what race u is, don't matter,
as long as, u got money,
but when i date, a Asian chik,
dey still look, at me funny....
Not wantn 2 see me, me comen up,
now i know, what 2 do,
shaken deze phonyz, all about my dukatz,
stayn home, wit my boo....
Who use 2 alwayz, try 2 tell me,
all deze foolz, aint yo friendz,
only down, when u gettn bank,
or dey gon snitch, 2 da pigz....
N all deze chix, n da world today,
will do anything, 2 be famous,
taken off dey clothes,4 mo' followerz,
on dey facebook pages....
Not really caren, about what happenz,
n other partz, of da world,
where us blaxx, still gettn lenched,
n little kidz, dont have clothez....
Is why im grindn, like everyday,
wantn 2 help out, my people,
but cant even roll, thru my own city,
witout packn, da desert eagle....
Hopen my kidz, dont have 2 grow up,
gettn harrassed, by da lawz,
who wanna scream, itz all my fault,
kuz im down, 4 da kause.....

Its everyday, i get stoppd & friskd,
so i dont trust, da police,
or da media, dat try 2 lie,
2 take away, my free speech....
Kuz u dont funk, wit skanless chix,
who wanna see me, arrested,
or straind up, on child support,
thinkn dat, dey all pregnant...
Im n da lab, almost everyday,
bekuz i gotta, stay hood,
telln my people, 2 know dey rightz,
if dey get stopped, by da fuzz....
Komen from Nathan, 2 haven samthan,
is when im seeing, foolz hate,
wantn 2 jakk me, 4 my goodz,
bekuz dey see, i got bank....
Wantn da rimz, dey see me flossn,
n da proz, on my tip,
dey do mo'kreepn, dan da police,
wantn 2 sink, my battleship....
Gettn a kite, from my homeboyz,
doing tyme, 4 a qwap,
telln me storyz, about da pigz,
beatn up blaxx, n handcuffz....
Retaliaten, against my people,
alwayz tryna, arrest us,
shootn dey gas, as we steady march,
4 our rightz, n protestn....
Loven da way, dat immigrantz,
be alwayz stikkn togetha,
willn 2 break, all kindz of laws,
2 sneak dey peepz, across borderz....

Hearn da president, maka speech,
about dem taken up toolz,
2 put a end, 2 senseless violence
of kidz shootn, up skoolz...
Not overstandn, why chix don' eva
use birth control pillz,
if dey know, dey gonna have sex,
wit a playa, datz real...
Instead of aktn, all innocent,
like its all, our fault,
she cant control, her hormonez,
watchn me jump, out da drop....
Im everyday, up n da mall,
lookn out, 4 my hommyz,
being followed, by undacovaz,
bekuz da kolorz, we sportn...
Choken on ganja, a playa lovez,
until im stiff, n my casket,
not ever gettn, a kite from chix,
once a playa, arrested....
But as soon, as i get released,
dey wanna swang, from my fly,
pressn dey boobz, aganst daglass
of my limozine ryde....
Now everywhere, im doing showz,
dey wanna scream, out my name,
aktn like, dey been down 4eva,
if i make, da frontpage....
On magazinez, 2 get my mail,
down 2 die, 4 my people,
is why dey neva, want me 2 roll,
anywhere, wit my heater....

Chorus: Sample
U couldnt tell me nathan bak den,
but now i feel ya.....


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Sunflower Posted 7 years, 4 months ago.   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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