April 9, 2011
by William Goehler (author's profile)


Goehler, W

The cause of human progress is my cause, the enfranchisement of human thought is my supreme wish, the freedom of human conscious, my mission, and the guarantee of equal rights to all peoples everywhere. The end of my contention. Fiat lux!

Hello, world. My name is Will. The purpose of this blog site is to expand my horizon from this prison cell of mine. In doing this, I expect to escape with many hours of reverie through my thoughts and memories of yore, when life seemed to be a wonderful adventure.

I welcome all to enjoy this kooky kaleidoscope of acumen. You may add your comments to my blog posts and I encourage you to ask me anything. I will do my absolute best to truthfully respond ASAP. Be patient for my reply as I am not permitted personal access to the Internet. It may be several weeks for your questions or comments to be forwarded to me.

I don't know how this blog thing works exactly, but I am a very prolific writer and artist who has finally found a way to Between the Bars to escape the drudgery of doing this life sentence all alone, here at a thousand man penal colony. This, of course, will permit me to present a new vista on this blog site every week for the world to view, all while sharpening my trivium skills, thank you very much.

Perhaps a brief intro is appropriate at this point.

Wm Goehler
Blue-green eyes.
Long, sun-streaked, light brown hair.
220 lbs.
Father of six or so estranged progeny.
Bound to my first 25-to-life (third strike) conviction in 1997 for possession of explosives.

And then a year later, I was struck-out again with another 25-to-life conviction for stabbing my court appointed child custody attorney when my children went into CPS foster care. My children at that time: Lil' Will was about 7 years old, Yashua 6 years, Destiny was 4 years, David 3 years, and Hannah was reaching 2 years old. Soon afterwards, they were all adopted and I lost ties to them. This absolutely broke my heart and left me in a despondent melancholy for more than a decade.

At some time in that dark period, I began a journey within my own soul to brutally discover my true self. During that hellish decade, I've studied theosophy, anthroposophy, and Odinism. Consequently, I naturally emerged very aware of my intrinsic self and the status quo of the zeitgist I had waged war against. Of course, I also have studied the King's Bible for more than twenty years. In this ardent quest for the truth, I finally discovered the esoteric significance of the arcane scriptures as it is represented in Matthew 13:11: "...to know the mysteries."

As is evident in the newspaper headlines and articles, I will share with you on occasion of my crusading daze. I was quite the idealistic seditionist when I was dumbfounded by fear, ignorance, and superstition out there. I've since slayed those foes but remain exiled for life, without hope of ever being released. Yet it must suffice, for my thoughts and words to break out Between the Bars.

It's time for me to call it a day at 23:00, an hour remaining for 3/30/2011. I will write again soon. Good night, world. Be blessed in your blessings.

[drawing of William on an old fashioned ship.]
Vogue la Galere
Nous verrons ceque nous verrons


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