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**Campaign Launch***

May 13, 2015: 7:00am
Listening to: Never Too Late
By: 3 Days Grace

Goodmorning everyone. I want to start off today with news of a new campaign launch by numerous organizations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I will attach a copy of the flier. In PA there are 5,380 men & women sentenced to death by incarceration. Do you mean to tell me that not one of these human beings are redeemable? Not worthy of another chance at life? If you believe that there is even a chance that just 1 person is redeemable, then come on down & support this cause. At the very least, learn about it. Come down & see what it's all about. The wonderful people at these organizations would be more then happy to answer your questions. Pennsylvania's lifer population is well over 10% now. This is becoming more then just a crime problem. More & more money is being re-routed to the Dept. Of Corrections budget, instead of schools, jobs, helping people, places where the money is needed. The PA D.O.C. spends over 2 billion dollars every year. On Saturday June 6th, anyone in the Philly area, go down & learn more about death by incarceration. Learn more about this campaign, this cause. Does everyone have a right to redemption? I would hope so. If they truly mean it, want it, maybe they can earn it. But not unless the citizens of Pennsylvania allow it. At the worst, you go, you have something to eat & that's that. You might be surprised though. If anyone reading this does go down there, I would love to know what you thought. So please let me know. Thanx.
Well by now everyone has seen my puppy picture. I called my mom, she was in the I.C.U. with pneumonia, so when she got out after 4 days & put into a regular room, we got to talk & she loved the photo. So last night I did some typing for someone & I changed him $3 so that I could go take another photo for my mom with a different puppy. The next one will be Preston. He's not a puppy though. Pretty big for 1 year old. But I do this for my mom so I'll figure out how to pick him up or hold him. What do you's think about dogs in prison? Let me know.
I was kinda annoyed when on the news they led off with a story of thousands of Americans call on President Obama to give former New York Yankee great, Yogi Berra, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Yogi turned 90, he won 10 championships with Yankees. Yogi was an amazing athlete but does that mean he should be award the highest medal the president can give out? Maybe if Yogi was a war veteran but not for playing baseball. If that were the case then lets give one to Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky & whoever has the most NFL championships.
Today is my friends birthday. Lisa is 24 today. Lisa lives & works with her dad in Italy. She travels new places each year. Last trip was the Canary Islands, next one will be Greece. Buon compleanno Lisa.
With that I say goodbye for the day. Have to shave so I can take my puppy picture & start my day. Take care, have a great memorial day weekend, & for anyone who prays, please pray for my mom to beat this cancer. The world would not be a better place without her. God bless, ciao.

Coalition to Abolish Death By Incarceration Campaign Launch
Food! * Poetry! * Education! * Discussion! * Action!

[Image of three dimensional square with lady justice on one side, the American flag on another, and on the last one hands holding cell bars. There is a copyright for Hyung-Rae 2004.]

Pennsylvania prisons hold over 5,000 people serving life sentences without the possibility of parole. In PA, a life sentences means your nature life-it is a sentence that condemns you to die in prison - which is why many choose to call it Death By Incarceration.

We believe that sentencing people to Death By Incarceration is a violation of their human rights an affront to the humanity of us all. That's why Decarcerate PA, the Human Rights Coalition, and Fights For Lifers are launching a campaign to end Life Without Parole sentencing in PA. Join us Saturday, June 6th to launch this campaign.

Saturday June 6th
Vineyard Church, 123 S. 51st St.
(51st and Samson, two blocks from the 52nd street stop on the Market Frankford Line)
3:30pm - 6:30

[An image of a dove being released from shackled hands. It says Fight For Lifers.]

Fight For Lifers
1808 W Tioga St, P.O. Box 7691
Philadelphia, Pa. 19101

[An image of two people holding some vertical structure. On it are the words Human Rights Coalition.]

Human Rights Coalition
4134 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, Pa 19104

[Picture of what looks like a clamshell. The words are Decarcerate Pa!]

P.O. Box 40764
Philadelphia, Pa 19107
(267) 217-3372

[Picture of two capital R letters back to back with a 2 in the middle and a man standing on top of it. Under it says Right To Redemption.]

Lifers Inc.
Attn: Right to Redemption
P.O. Box 244
Graterford, PA 19426


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