April 10, 2011
by Maria Silvas


To begin I will start by introducing myself. My name is Maria Silvas I am 42 years young. I am currently in V.S.P. state prison for women. This is my first time and I with outside help it will be my last. I am hispanic and native american with hazel eyes and long dare brown hair. I am 5'4 height and weight about 140lbs,. I live in the San Fernand Valley area but am more then willing to relocate. I am a mother of 6 and became a victim of domestic violence & my children were taken. The day my children were taken from me it feels like my heart has been living on a life support machine and the only thing that has kepted my heart alive are my childrens heart beats. More like 7 heart beats because I will always include their dad because he's the real reason I had my children. (He was not the one I had the domestic violence problems with.) I also have to admit that I am very grateful to my childrens' father for stepping up to the plate and taking responsibilities for his children. I'm just hoping in time to get my life back and my life are my children. I know in order to do this I have to pull myself back together.

One thing I do know that God is so real because June 18, 2008 my daughter (6 years old was) hit by a hit and run driver and was only given a 1% chance to live. Brain swelling up, collapsed lung, and in a coma and the doctors said she would not live. Well, she pulled through like if nothing ever happened so I do know that there is a God and he does give miracles. I'm just hoping that someone out there will hear my cries because I have lost everything and should be going home either June 29, 2011 or August 13, 2011. I will be paroling to the streets and will only own the clothes on my back. Is there anyone out there who could recommend which way I can turn or send me listings of programs that will help me get started in life again I'm gonna need help getting housing, clothing, food and transportation to get where ever I'm going. My long term goal in life is to have my children which I consider my life. You could see some photos of me and my children if you go to manitos.silva@yahoo.com. [ed. note: I tried a couple of quick searches but nothing comes up]

I believe ones stairway to heaven are our trials and tribulations and right about now I could use some strength getting up these stairs.

If you could help in anyway or give some kind of advice it would be hight appreciated and you could contact me at

Maria Silvas
WA4381 A4-104
P.O. Box 92 V.S.P
Chowchilla, Ca 93610

Thank you for your time & understanding


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paxilqueen Posted 11¬†years, 4¬†months ago.   Favorite
I'm glad that God saved your daughters life.


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