May 29, 2016

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From Innocence Betrayed by Raymond D. Cooke (author's profile)
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Reply ID# Dear __ Marcus;

Son, I'm so sorry for not answering earlier. It's taken me a whole pad of paper just trying to get this right and not all about me.

Your letter/post had me in tears for hours not believing my good fortune of you funding me. I won't get into it here but please know I've tried from this end for years with no success [drawing of a sad face].

To say I have a million questions, thoughts and concerns wouldn't show enough. Just know for now anyway that the closest I've gotten to any of you was the I-A Cl[?]ton Lt, Chelsea address. To which I sent Christmas card for the past 2 years without response. A former cellmate was released and searched on People Search for all of you. We of course have NO access to any type of computers what-so-ever!! Sucks!

I am sure you yourself have an endless amount of things you want to share aswell. With that said, I'm not all too familiar with all the [illegible] blog [illegible] and believe that were it will be posted "Forever" for "Whoever." I would ask if you could write me at the prison directly? If you don't feel comfortable for whatever reason I'll understand and as you put it "But for now this will work." I'm only thinking of our family's privacy. You do what you feel comfortable..

I know I'm sorry will never be enough for any of you. But there hasn't been a day [?] that's gone by in 12 plus years I haven't thought of all of you.

Yes you are my son andI love you also. But I'm so ashamed of myself for all I did to all of you. I hurt too.. Please write back and please "Give Me A Chance."

Love Your Dad Ray


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