April 22, 2021

Excerpt of letter

From Innocence Betrayed by Raymond D. Cooke (author's profile)


To: Mc84bostomma
Dear son Marcus, its been so long since, "Rucever getting out" 10 ups to date. :(
Hoping all is well there with there with you and your little family and no one contacted the COV-19. Being in here all so close together we received the shot early. "Thank God" as a couple of guys right here in this prison got it and Died! (700 Mots in the House!
Haven't heard word on from Sarah since last year and I've tried calling collect, unfortunately every couple of days. I talked to her the nite that Children Serrca brought all "4" of her bop home. She continues to be tight lipped about why they were take and why all of you don't seem to get along? But God only knows, it could be all B.S.!
From in here, not knowing is the worst punishment they can give us. Write to me "hear my side"!
Lov Ya & Always Have
Ray A.K.A. Dad.


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marcuscooke Posted 2 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
dad I'm not sure exactly what to say. that is why I don't write to you. its very hard for me to find a reason to write to you. so I don't write to you.I still would like to know when they are going to let you out. id like to see you get out of that place.
I am 37 with a 5 year old son. his mother and I co parent and we put our son first. he is a very good boy. you are his grandfather and he deserves to know you.he has asked about you several times, I hope you get the chance to meet him.
I lost my mother recently and it breaks my heart very deeply. I feel very alone at times, many family members not many act like family, but when we do, boy is it ever so rewarding. it is the best gift life has to offer, and not one day should be taken for granted. my message to my family is to grow closer so regrets never approach, and help others and also help yourself so you can better help the ones around you. these are my focuses,
I expect you will die in jail, but I cannot be sure. I must visit soon i will bring my son if its possible , . I wish you well and things get easier for you.

Raymond D. Cooke Posted 2 years, 1 month ago.   Favorite
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