April 26, 2022

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From Innocence Betrayed by Raymond D. Cooke (author's profile)
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Excerpt of letter
(April 22, 2021)


To: Mc84
Boston MA
ID: 92YU
Marcus Cooke



Dear Ann Marcus

I am in receipt of your very thoughtful words, they were very uplifting at a low point in my life.

I'm so sorry you're finding it so hard to bring yourself to write. But in one sense I really do understand why. Please allow yourself to believe that.

It was thoughtful of you to even allow yourself to think about me getting out and when. You once told me that you were the one that was most like me and those kind of heart-felt thoughts prove it. I'm so glad to hear from you.

As for the rest of your brothers and sisters, as I believe I'd mentioned the only one I've actually spoken to over the last 5+ years is your sister Sarah, AKA "The Baby Maker", hell she already beat your mum and I and I don't think she's done yet. We had been talking on the phone and she'd sent me some pictures of her kids and one of us all 6 of us taken at Sean's store years ago.

She'd also sent one of you guys gathered at the bottom of the stairs on Crystal Ave around Christmas. I was so grateful for them after so many years. But Sarah had promised time and again to send me more but she never wrote back. This was after Christmas 2021. She did send me one of my own personal pictures of me and my shitbag father in the Public Gardens [?] in Boston in about 1960! The [?] Chest that had all my childhood pictures had thousands of pics she sends "one". You know son, "who's fooling who with her words about me getting with [?]. After ever conversation my last words were "Always", "I love you" she never once answered back. But swore she'd found it in her heart to forgive me because that was what her mother thought would be best and the godly thing to do. I have no clue what she or any of you had told her about me where I am and all I've done to try to reestablish some kind of a relationship between us. ???

Saturday Night 04-09-22

Hi, I'm back, needed to take a break to let all you'd said settle in. I never really thought anything could bring me back from the dark place I've been for the last 6 months or so. Thank you!

Son, by now you must have my address here in Bridgewater. It would be so much easy for "Us" to not only communicate but [?] to start rebuilding/starting a father-son relationship if you wrote me directly. And if you felt comfortable enough send me your address?? I promise to only write when you are ready and to never lie always sharing the truth with you.

I hope you get this and give it some thought. It's up to you.....

I was heartbroken when I got the news of your mother being sick in hospital and then her going home to be with so many of her family. I have no idea what messages your sister has shared with you boys but I've sent plenty. No more important than when your mother passed. I try to talk to her about all of you as brothers and sisters and get an idea what all of you think of me?? Please Write Be Well Be [?] Be the Man I know you would always be.

Love to all. Dad. xo


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