July 11, 2022

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From Innocence Betrayed by Raymond D. Cooke (author's profile)
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Excerpt of letter
(April 22, 2021)



Ray Cooke #W88794
Old Colony Correctional Ct. #924
One Administration Rd.
Bridgewater, MA 02324


Dear son, Marcus,

Well, here it is: another six weeks and no letter, reply, or Father's Day card. You can't honestly keep trying to correspond with me, that you cannot find anything to say in a return letter (BS)? You've written all these terrific blog posts, yet you still refuse to write me? But I'm supposed to believe you want to visit me?

You've seemed to have forgotten I'm your father, and that you can't bullshit the ol' man! So with that said, I must ask why torture both of us if after so long you haven't proved your words to be truthful? Why?

I have no clue as to your current standing with your brothers and sister, but I guess I never will. I sent your sister a portrait from a picture she'd sent me for her bday (6-19) and a book of stamps, hoping she'd write me and send me some of my own pictures and some with all of you. Just another cruel no reply. Nor will she now answer her phone for me?

Marcus, my therapist tells me it is not mentally healthy to keep waiting and getting my hopes up again. I go into deep stretches of depression, once needed to be placed in crisis. She says it's all interconnected with the fear, guilt, and shame I already have> I just can't try any harder than I have.

So when you ready to restart some type of father-son relationship? I can't put myself through this anymore. Oh, you save me a stamp and tell your sister the same.

I'm sorry, but I must focus on me. Earning good time (15 days per month) and getting out of here before I'm DEAD!

God bless
Be well

Your father,


P.S. Oh yeah, "Happy Father's Day."
P.S.S. You didn't ever trust me enough to tell me grandson's name. Are you that ashamed of me?


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