Nov. 21, 2016

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by Milo Rose (author's profile)


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Hello Jamie,
It's Friday (November 11th) and last night I received your comments posted on the blog. I hope this reply finds you well and doing good with your schooling.

Yes, my friend, I understand you are a student and would be limited in funds. What I hoped for was some understanding and compassion from you, that you would tell yourself I like this person so I will send him some funds. I believe you do have the ability to network the blg in greater ways than me. To help me find the people who do have the funds and will offer me their support to advocate my plight for freedom (vindication). You do not have the funds, but there are people who do. Help me to reach them and by this you can be of great help to me.

Okay, what I meant by direct contact is that you are free to write to me directly by snail mail and not go through a third party. It does appear that snail mail would be faster. :)

All right, I am doing much better and growing stronger each day. I am fortunate it was only a mild stroke and that it led to our introduction, as you bring me hope of a better future. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you again soon. Take care, my friend.


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Hello Josephine,
I received your comments posted on the blog Thursday night (November 10th). Thank you for finding a way to show me you care. I hope to receive a letter from you expressing more of your thoughts and forgiving me for being so persistent.

Last month (Oct.) marked 35 years of trauma which becomes painful for me to try and explain. So I tried to put all that pain in the blog to hopefully ease the depressing experience of repeatedly trying to explain my situation. I hope you can and will understand this since it makes up a great of who I am today and how I got here.

Well, my sister in Christ, please take care and thank you again.

Through grace,

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Hello Elaine,
I received your comments posted on the blog Thursday night, November 10th. Thank you for the well wishes. I pray this finds you and you're all in good spirits.

Since you are reading the blog, I hope to read more comments from you. I also hope you will network the blog in any way you can. I need help and to come in contact with individuals able to provide much needed support. Please take care and thank you.

Through grace,


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