Jan. 15, 2017

Another Year

by Calvin Chism (author's profile)


From Calvin Chism
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Another Year

I find it really rewarding. Take the time and invest in yourself. Tell me, did it change you? Don't forget to cut and copy my quote. A chapter of your life has just ended. And in the course of navigating your way through, did you notice the events or people who left you in better shape? The static that tries to break our God given peace? The blessings that I am truly grateful for?

They make me stronger and by those blessings, you recognice real unconditional love, loyalty, dependability and God's grace in supplying it all.

The only thing that makes it trying is the resentment of my inability to show my full gratitude to those who have been my motivating factor and been my friend and family. I have included some bases emotionally, financially, and spiritually. My heart has felt like it was tossed around and then to the side. But in it all was lessons and instructions. The really nice thing about reflections: the things you tossed to the side and up to the game God! You can look at them again and, if you don't do something with it, then leave it in the past. No luggage on trains into the year 2017.

I have incurred some losses, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, while anger, frustration and bitterness yelled from the sidelines, but I'm kept in check by my foundation. Your roots must be deep, deep enough sot that when your kindness/service are even used against you. So sad! :(

When brutal honesty was no longer in people's best interest, I chose to respond with I don't know. Even if I do. I lost relationships with people who cannot interpret my brand of friendship. I have learned my lessons after 16 years in this never-ending cesspool of misery and hatred! As ignorance becomes my shield, as I remain true to those who still have the balls to stand under the umbrella!

Because it never rains. It only surges a constant torrent of baseball sized hail.

My band of warriors get it. We don't have to tell war stories all day, because we were once cut form the same cloth. By it, we shall surely die.

Let me be perfectly clear so that the supposed onlooker doesn't get misconstrued as usual. Our commonality is not what forges our bond. It's honesty. Causing trust, developing reverence, and the test and trials cements an unwavering loyalty, as every test to divide and conquer only makes us stronger.

All in all this year my heart and soul have been a recurring target. I have patched up with as little or no words. Because despite my flaws, I never focused on the flaws of others. I don't know how to love part time; it's all or nothing. So this year taught me much.

So I will narrow it down to what has impacted my life the most. First: don't neglect those who love you unconditionally. Spilled family-like blood has no limits and you can't make everybody happy. Try to be aware of the impact on those you invite in keeping in your mind. Your words will never outweigh your actions, and your actions will protect your feelings and intentions.

So as we enter a new year, may your God continue to bless you and keep you safe. Cut and paste the quote to at least one other person.


Every encounter, every family member, every friendship, no matter how minute or fleeting, has the potential to help mold you into the person you will eventually become, as well as them.

To those who stood by me, thank you. Even though words are not enough.


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