Oct. 15, 2017

New Level New Devil

by Calvin Chism (author's profile)


New Level * New Devils
(Peace Be Still: Part Two)

Okay, here I am. No typewriter, no real pen. I have a few filler wrapped in paper taped around it to keep it from bending, so bear with me. It's been too long since I have been striped of what little I possess and down to the basics.

If you have not guessed, I am in the Hole for a fight. Not important. But what I learned is.

Almost ten years strong, doing good staying out of the drama, missing the bullshit. If you know me personally, you know it took a lot to maintain my focus.

I applied for a job (that would allow the handcuffs to be taken off). The highest job on death row to work in the building around the K9s without restraints. A level of freedom only afforded to 15 out of 700 and something death row inmates. I got approved, I got excited, I got one foot out of the cell, to walk around freely. You cannot tell me nothing now. :) But I have to wait on a position to open up. Okay, coo.. I have been doing good for 10 years. A couple of months ain't nothing, right?

The word got out! Nobody can believe that they said yes. To keep it real, I did not believe it. That nigga crazy. I could just hear 'em. :) He ain't gonna last out there long. They may have even taken bets.

A spot opens up. Let me show you the devil. What's up with my job? Mr. Officer: "Man, somebody done dropped something on you." We go back and forth with this until he finally says, "Someone who was near and dear to my heart said I was a threat to their personal safety." Imagine the look on my face.

I would not have believed him, if that person did not up and move the night before. Then the devil got mad. I was not angry and I am calling on every fiber of my being. Peace be still. I would beat the accusation in time.

Determined to disrupt my peace, the prison game reared his ugly head. Now I am forced to show my teeth. No way around it. Ride or die! I chose to ride. Sitting in the Hole, no T.V., no yard—every day. No diversions and this is what I heard.

You needed to see love and loyalty were not enough to keep you. Out of the flow of the river because it never stopped flowing around me.

It's so quiet I can hear every ripple of the river. I could have died in that fight. I almost let go of my anchor. There are no warning shots. Mercy and grace kept me tethered to the rock! My soul yelled peace be still. I laughed so hard, I cried. I took my eyes off the rock and he sat me down.

A ship will not sink on water. It is only when water gets inside the ship when it's in trouble of sinking.

Remember his grace. It's real.

Peace be still, peace be still.

Calvin Dion


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TITEofCPT Posted 6 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
NICE PEACE. KEEP WRITING. Moved next door 5727 same street #107 tho. Got those pcs U sent me never forward them tho. My bad just got back from Orlando Florida on business. Love U much holla

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