May 13, 2017

Consultation Rights Form

by William Goehler (author's profile)




> Use this form for a consultation
> If you want your consultation to occur as scheduled, fill out section I.

Are you trying to change a Consultation Rights Form you already submitted?
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Inmate Signature WGoehler
CDCR Number K77832
Date 5/5/17

Between The Bars

It's getting more and more real, isn't it? Imagine the atonement granted to the exiled scapegoat*... and then pull on my grayed goatee when you see me again - free as can be! Knowing what I know; I am blessed
*see Leviticus 16:10

P.S. This is when a show of community support is most important, I suspect. So if I have to point out the obvious, I'd say, Look! a mere semblance of "interest" here on this blog site may just possibly add weight on the scales of justice, when considering my early parole.
Whatever the reason for the apparent lack of interest out there disregarding the wandering scapegoat on this blog site up to this point - its time now for any and all comments to being flowing here between the bars, for the parole board demigods to consider. Let's do this!

You are receiving this notice because you are scheduled to have a consultation before the Board of Parole Hearings.

1. Purpose of Consultation:

The purpose of a consultation is to review and document your activities and conduct pertinent to parole eligibility. The Board shall provide you with information about the parole hearing process, legal factors relevant to your suitability or unsuitability for parole, and provide you with individualized recommendations regarding your work assignments, rehabilitative programs, and institutional behaviour. (Pen. Code 3041(a)(1); see Pen. Code 3051 (c)) ["An individual subject to this section shall meet with the board pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 3041."]; Plata v. Brown, February 10, 2014 Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Defendant's Request for Extension of December 31, 2013 Deadline, 4(e) [providing a new parole process shall be implemented such that "inmates who are 60 years of age or older and have served a minimum of twenty-five years of their sentence will be referred to the Board of Parole Hearings to determine suitability for parole"].)

2. Right to Consultation:

Your consultation will be scheduled during the sixth year before your Minimum Eligible Parole Date (MEPD), Youth Parole Eligible Date (YPED), or Elderly Parole Eligible Date (EPED), whichever date is earliest, unless your consultation date is set otherwise by law. (Pen. Code 3041(a)(1), 3051(i)(2)(B).)

3. Right to Be Present, Speak:

You have a right to attend the consultation, ask and answer questions, and speak on your own behalf. (15 CCR 2247.)

4. Attorney:

You are not entitled to be represented by an attorney at a consultation.

5. Witnesses:

You may not call witnesses at a consultation.

6. Others Who May Attend the Hearing:

At a consultation, neither the District Attorney's office nor the victims are entitled to attend.

7. Assistance In Preparing for the Consultation; Assistance in Communications:

You may receive reasonable assistance in preparing for your consultation. If you are unable to effectively communicate due to language difficulties or a physical or mental disability, appropriate assistance will be provided to you. (15 CCR 2251.)

8. Postponements:

If a hearing panel has determined you require an accommodation and no reasonable accommodation is available, a consultation may be postponed for good cause. (15 CCR 2251.5.) In addition, the Board may also postpone your consultation.

9. Impartial Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner:

You are entitled to a consultation by an impartial commissioner or deputy commissioner and may request the disqualification of a commissioner or deputy commissioner. (15 CCR 2250.)

10. Decision:

You are entitled to a copy of the Board's positive and negative findings and recommendations within 30 days following the consultation. (Pen. Code 3041(a)(1).)

I have read and understand the list of rights and procedures (Items 1 through 10, above) and I have had an opportunity to ask questions about any rights or procedures that I did not understand.

Signature W Goehler
CDCR # K77832
Date 5/5/17

I explained the foregoing rights to the prisoner, provided him/her with an opportunity to ask questions, and answered all questions he or she asked.

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Erne2017SPO-T Posted 2 years, 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 6 months ago   Favorite
3 May 2017

At One Ment. hmmm

I'll give you my Dad's norelco. lols.

Willaim I believe you have earned to be paroled. I believe you can do much to help the community with what you have studied and learned when you get out of MCSP.
I look forward to the day I see you in person and shake your hand for all you have done to turn your own tide through your studies and to help other inmates awaken and take responsibility for themselves and their actions as well.

Keep your eyes on the Mountain.


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