June 6, 2017

Saying My Good-Byes To Someone Special

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Hello my Lil Lady, Its 2:30am, and I woke up hurting because I'm afraid of what your response is going to be to a question someone is going to ask you. I am hoping and praying that one day you'll actually read this.

Are you happy Now? Are you safe? Do you still smile your gorgeous and sexy smile and laugh your beautiful and musical laugh? If so, then I'm happy for you Kristen, and will remain happy as long as you're happy!

You made an old fool feel like a young fool for awhile. And even though there were some bumps in the road along the way, I've never enjoyed the love I felt for anyone more than I do for you. You lit up my world and blew me away Kristin, with your laugh and smile; with you just being you and always there when I needed to talk.

As I watched you leave on Wednesday, walking down the walkway in your yellow sweater coat, with my card in one hand and your moms cup in the other, and drive away in your 'gray box,' I cried so hard because I knew you were really gone and I wasn't allowed to say good-bye. And that hurts Kristin. I was hoping and praying that you and I could at least be friends Kristin, because everyone needs a real special person like you in their life...I know I sure do!

Yet, this isn't about me Kristin, but about you doing what's best for you. I guess I feel sorry for myself because I know finding someone like you again is just about zero. But while you were here, we had a hell of a ride, huh? Even with me leaping boundaries and all ;-)

Look Kristin, thank you for everything. You made me feel alive and made me feel worth something, and nobody can take that away now. I still have the memories of our time talking, laughing and smiling with each other. And I still have mini-you here, too, although she and I both know its not the same without the real you. I just wish I had a smiling picture of you to look at every now and then. I guess God had His reasons to bring you into my life Kristin, and then take you away. I'll cherish these last 6 months, the good and the bad, for the rest of my life. God gave me you for a minute, and for that I'll always be grateful, even if it hurts like hell right now. Now, its somebody else's turn now.

I know I never hid my feelings from you Kristin, that's because I couldn't! Yet, I'm not ashamed of them one bit. And knowing how it ends, I'd still do it again!!! (Maybe a little differently though ;-O)

I don't want to close this because I have so much I want to share with you, but I'll just put those in my blogs. If you ever do change your mind Kristin, and want to give our friendship a try, I'll always be here for you. Until then, you take care of yourself, smile and laugh as much as you can, and enjoy everything life brings your way. You'll always be loved by me Kristin, and though you are gone, you will NEVER be forgotten! That I vow and promise you on my mothers memory. If you read this, then you know how to keep track of me and my progress. I guess the balls' in your court now.

I am enclosing the words to Life Ain't Always Beautiful by Gary Allen, so you can read it and see how it says what I feel. It sounds a lot better with the music when he sings it.

Good-bye My Kristen. I hope and pray that all your dreams and wishes in life become reality for you, and that nothing but happiness finds you! You are a very special lady Kristin, and dear to my heart. Stay safe, keep your head up, and always be happy!

I Will Love & Adore You Always,
Your 'Pain-In-The-ass' Bayer
Bobby Lee Bater AKA Grizzly BEAR
P.S. I know you're going to break those little boys hearts too!!! ;-) Wish I was in your class(HAHAHA) I wish you all the best in your new career Kristin. Love you ALWAYS!


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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