July 2, 2017

Blog Post One

by Paul Leone


Blog Post one.

I would like to make some comments on this interview with Dani Mathers. By US weekly magazine on this charge of invasion of privacy by snapchatting this 70 year old naked woman. In a L.A. Fitness Locker Room: first and foremost a gym fitness locker room is only private from the other participatory's in the front public area as in the Webster Dictionary Definition (1) says belonging to a particular individual or group: so this is clear that the locker room I not meant to be private for the people who are in the room at the same time.
It is simple this poor woman made a misstate without the intent to hurt anyone: I'm sure she meant it to be a little joke. I know this happened in L.A.---California: But for no more than just a little joke the 30 days of community service would have been to much also this poor helpless girl did not know any law at all because the court sentenced this girl to a 3 year probation & 30 day of community services. Why in the world would she pay a lawyer to do nothing but stand there. In my BARRON'S Law Dictionary definition of misdemeanour under degree of crime, under mode 1 penal code an assault can be classified into four degrees of a crime. For a petty misdemeanour carrying not more that 30 days. Or a misdemeanour carrying not more than one year. So since her crime was classified a petty misdemeanour she was not suppose to receive but 30 days or even the one year: Is the maximum for the severity of the possible or actual punishment with this less of a penalties it is generally distinguished from a felony: misdemeanant may receive less in he way of procedural safeguards. So this court who sentenced this poor little girl to 3 years of probation is in violation of her constitutional rights. Not to be sentenced to a more extreme sentence than her charge carries. So this extreme sentence for the charge makes this sentence by the court void. Plus this girl has grounds for a law suit if she decides to take it to court.
I am sure one of the gentlemen I saw in the picture with this girl standing at a table had to be an attorney for her defence representation. Which he should have knew this sentence were too extreme for the misdemeanour charge: since she did not hurt anyone physical this charge should not have been NON other than the petty misdemeanour punishment of 30 day's at the most: this poor girl even lost her job which should not have went down like that!!!
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kat3005 Posted 3 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

Paul Leone Posted 3 years, 8 months ago.   Favorite
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