June 30, 2017

April Wisdom 2017

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April - Wisdom - April

Here we go again! This month is all about WISDOM. I am continuing my Sacred Tradition of focusing on the WISDOM faculty in April. I am not in search for what wisdome is; but I am in pursuit of how to exercise and apply wisdom right now and expand it,increase it in all areas of my life, world, and affairs. So this is an on-going examination of self.

The whole is made much better when we give the accurate and appropriate care to all its many parts. We have to develop a rhythm of moving back and forth between the Big picture and the details. This means that we will also have a personal skill that will appear as we recognize the difference between REACTION and RESPONSE. One can be inappropriate and without thought. While the other (RESPONSE) is the turn around of a call, with thought, considerable assessments, and an answer that makes the difference BETTER.

* NOTE: All things are made better through WISDOM.

WISDOM carries an amazing frequency, and operates within a LAW similar to WATER. Water carries a formula that produces its wetness. There is NEVER a situation where we will find water NOT WET!

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African Queen: Mama "J." - in S.C. 2017
(picture of colored mandala)
African Classic: X-Ray - in CA.

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(picture of a monkey, eating a donut while sitting on a woman's head)
"Cravings are mind tantrums: 'I want this and I won't be okay without it!' Mindfulness allows you to experience them as fleeting states of mind. When you think you have to have a doughnut, practice an attitude of disidentification: 'I am noticing this craving, but I see that this craving is not me. I see it coming and going. I don't need to look for a way to act on it. I am already full in the calmness of my mind." - Pavel Somov, Phd, Psychologist and author of Eating the Moment, Reinventing the Meal, and Mindful Emotional Eating.

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And so is WISDOM. There do not exist places, people, situations or circumstances that are not changed by the light of WISDOM. When we are overcome by the most dark occasions, we must know, remember and recognize that WISDOM is there with her profound light that always shines towards paths and roads that were there, but unseen before. WISDOM reveals a fullness about life that is unmoveable and mountain-like. WISDOM is at the deepest part of us, waiting for us to be HONEST, OPEN, and willing wit ourselves first. The intention to walk in WISDOM is evidence of an authentic desire to be used, not mis-used. The desire to exercise WISDOM is a willingness to be broken - not broken down; but Broken-Open. KNOW THIS: During the times when we feel most discouraged and depressed, dismayed by the darkest nail of the unknown - THIS IS THE GREATEST PROPENSITY FOR A SHIFT IN THE LIGHT. ALL SCRIPTURES HAVE CONFIRMED: "WHEN THE DARKNESS OVERCOMES THE RIGHTEOUS; THE LIGHT WILL COME RUSHING INTO HIM." This is the "light" the is evidence of our purpose and ability to discuss the practice of our very best self. For me YHWH, through Christ (Yashua) has, continues to walk me into GREATER WISDOMS, difficult, heavy, sure, and clear.

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Oh I Have come to know that all things that we act upon or about in this life are not about what we do - but WHY? and how. *The light of WISDOM will cause us to learn within, with-all. The more we practice WISDOM hte more we will BURN BRIGHT! The more we practice WISDOME - the more we move most close to our Divine purpose and goals.

So BURN ---- BRIGHT ---"BE" WISE".

I Am For
African Classic


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