Oct. 2, 2017

Unacceptable terms of surrender

by William Goehler (author's profile)


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BTB Sept. 23,2017

Unacceptable terms of surrender... what ever do I mean? I mean that the enemy of this war
of homo saps is stupidity vs sapience. So you ask what do i propose... what are my terms TO BE released
from this asylum? I propose to pick up where Christ's disciples left off. Them of that era were subjugated
by spiritual and secular suppression as well. Observing the obvious, let's consider the new policy of
paroling a flood of social outcasts back into communities where citizens are overwhelmed yet again by
other-determination requiring them to compromise their self determination not to host this flood of
outcasts. Lets face it, the list of laws are suffocating the very life out of us all! So how can we
restore ARC- the very essence of life?
ARC: Affinity, reality, communication, which together equate to understanding. On the "down low" When
LRH said to clear the plant, what did he mean? To rid the planet of criminals, insanity and war, requires
some of us to handle criminals, insanity and war on the front lines.
Imagine the purpose of re-awakening the subjugated vulgarians to their inherit eternal nature, and reminding
them of the corresponding responsibility outweighs any fear-- even unto death!
Yes, I can see me out there in my blue overalls under a red and white floral sundress, laughing my head off at
everyone's confusion! Who is this guy wearing a sundress? Yes; presenting a mus-understood problem of comparable
magnitude in order to introduce the concept of "Merchants of Chaos" for consideration in order to usher in the
deadly quartet.
I mean honestly considering the depth of corrections and rehabilitation budget which tax payers fund, it's a wonder
why citizens would fund this budget and yet oppose the flood of re-integration of rehabilitated felons. Ironically,
the product of CDCR has a re division rate which warrants skepticism!
I mean does anyone believe that help is even possible? Our country has the greatest number of prisons compared to any
other country in the world! And yet no one recognizes the similarity to Hitler's concentration camp ambition to
secure Nazi Germany would flourish and prosper with undesirables gone. Remember how that turned out?
Allied forces! It took allied forces to overwhelm herrenvolk(?) ambitions. No less than allied forces will overwhelm
this prison industry which produces a product evidenced by recidivism statistics. Any other industry producing such
a faulty product would be held accountable by consumers!
So why aren't the tax payers interested in what happens inside this country's prisons which their tax dollars fund.
Statistic of recidivism indicates a certain inability to rehabilitate. Yet, considering the budget and the salaries
involved, there is definitely vested interest in job security.
Sapience versus stupidity. It's an Ezekiel 33 Watchman game where coverts of omission must be handles with the Ax #38.
Stupidity is the unknowns of consideration, trumpet blast! Awake and consider why conditions exists as it!
Consider why it takes a heretic TO BE your martyr, I Am that eternal watchman blasting the trumpet for the love of
truth, wake up!
As a side bar, I'm attaching a letter I wrote Tina Murphy in Sparks NV which was returned to sender, not at this address. Generating the randomity factor is what it takes for Lazarus to rise.


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uhadme Posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 9 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Ephesians 6 fighting principality and powers. Hebrews 6 leaving those principles behind.. let us go onto perfection. what is perfection? Matthew 5:45-48 how in the hell are you supposed to greet the 'enemy' same as you do your best friend? by not trusting any man? you can't trust yourself.. that's why diets exist.. mankind cannot trust himself. the powers of suggestion? where do thoughts come from? is your body and spirit GOD? 1 Cor 6:20... wwgd

William Goehler Posted 8 months, 4 weeks ago.   Favorite
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