May 2, 2018

Mercy! Mercy!

by Leon Irby (author's profile)


Mercy! Mercy!
I am praying for mercy! Mercy for Bill Cosby!

Big time news:

Dr. Cosby has been on trial in Philly, PA, USA for about seven days now!
I am troubled in spirit by the public's opinion on purported conviction without due process!

Moreover, by those whom exclaim that the "#MeToo" movement will prejudice Mr. Cosby's rights to a fair trial.
Mr. Cosby is too old now! He is infirmed!
What do his accusers pursue and demand of him!?
Justice delayed is justice denied to Mr. Cosby!

Easy Rider
"You'll never eat lunch in this town."

Mr. Cosby may commit a fatal error by not demonstrating to his trial jury. Men and ladies made "sex" and "drugs" in the act of lovemaking!
It was as common as apple pie!
This is why Mr. Cosby admitted to giving ladies drugs.

Old evidence
allowed into
new trial

The state improperly and incorrectly thought they could "hi-tech" lynch Mr. Cosby in the first trial (2017).
However, to make up for that pompous misconception, the state is stacking the deck with five ladies accusers to prejuice the jury!

So what else is new under the sun!

See below, page 4, when Mr. Cosby got too militant! Too black! Too manly! Too manful!
Therefore, like Dr. MLK, Jr.! Like Nate Parker! Like John Brown! (etc.) ___ had to be neutralized!

Was it a sign from above!?

On Tues. April 17, 2018 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC "For the People", the cast lawyer character made case for
The jury heard and gave the verdict.
I pray to God that IRL that that jury give Mr. Cosby

Come on, people!
On the path from victims
to victors
by Dr. William "Bill" Cosby, Ph.d
Alvin F. Poussaint, M.D.

aka Dr. MLK, Jr.
aka Malcolm X
aka Nate Parker
aka Nat Turner
aka Marcus Gravey
aka Blank Space

By Leon Irby
Dated: 4-18-2018; 8 p.m. CST


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