July 17, 2018

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How Do You Deal With Life's Anxieties
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July 10, 2018
Thanks 4 writin -n- properly introducing urself. Ur letter brought a welcomin :) 2 my face. In the end I was flabbergasted that U would ask me 4 advice. Not that I'm not prepared 2 give it, just I B speechless at how God continues 2 use me despite my incarceration. Feels great 2 contribute 2 the world/contribute a minuscule piece 2 somones life. So B it.

Kyla I'm inspired that U find my posts inspiring!! That's cool.

As well ur cry 4 "help" is not only heard but responded 2. Noticed you used the word help 4x's. Interesting.

Where do I being.

I'm proud of U 4 ___ it cut -n- passionately pursuin ur dreams. Sounds like u have a lot of schoolin under ur belt. Reminds me of a quote, "All knowledge is spendable currency."

That bein said, from my perspective, the best counselor of any kind is one with life experience upon which 2 draw from. Please understand that I am not saying you need 2 go 2 prison/jail in order 2 B the best corrections counselor. Smile. I am sayin the key is 2 B able to make sense of ur life experiences then u'll be able 2 help others make sense of theirs. Does that make sense?

See Kyla, I know that several nuances of life speak multiple (all) languages. For example, Love, hurt, pain, joy, $, tears, smiles, hope etc. The more "languages" u speak the better u'll B able to help. The Apostle Paul said, "I became all things 2 all men that I might by some means save some."

Just being "relatable" will make U the best Kyle the Counselor.

Relatability is a process, but also a knack that some people have. People like urself, who wear they heart on they sleeve (guilty) -n- have a servants heart. Ur sincerity -n- willingness 2 B open makes u relatable.

Throughout ur counseling endeavors I just B urself. Provided that's not against the rules of the prison/Dept. of Corrections that employs u. Some, believe it or not, have restrictions against u bin 2 friendly, 2 personal, 2 nice, 2 passionate, 2 human etc. So as a future friend I strongly encourage u 2 1st research the laws -n- policy of the prison u plan 2 be employed by.

Meanwhile, in this state we don't have "corrections counselors" so I'm not sure exactly it is they do/what part they plan so my 1st question.
What words best describe corrections counselor.
Psychiatrist/psychologist. Social worker. Parole/probation officer.

Anyway some ways 2 impact someone's life are
*LISTEN* Listen 2 ur clients body, stories, hopes, dreams, words, syntax, regrets, etc.

*Question* Ask thought provoking questions that transcend the prison experience.
ex: What did u want 2 B when u grew up? If u could b any age 4ever, what would it b and y?

*Tell* Tell them stories (Don't have 2B personal ones) U can use movies, books, plays, TV shows, songs from the radio,...Just teach them.

*Validation* Let them know of any shimmer of hope u see in them. Any potential and the like. Most people in prison have spent all of their lives being put down. Time 4 somebody 2 lift them up. Who doesn't like words of encouragements, words of affirmation. Somebody has 2 tell them they can B more than what they R. A simple "I believe in U" goes a long way.

*Remain Approachable*

*Seek 2 understand and appreciate where those who R imprisoned R comin from.*

Don't worry :) As people see u R approachable, understandin, nonjudgemental, a great listener, ask thought-provokin questions and value their humanity they'll naturally want 2 open up 2 u. So let it B.

:) If u R blessed 2 have an office study feng sui. Cause u want it 2 have a warm -n- welcomin feel. Let it reflect ur helpful personality then people will have no problem comin 2 u 4 help. So B it.

I speak blessings over ur life and ur ministry. Ur going 2 B a wonderful counselor. U will do great things and succeed. Everything u touch is blessed. In the coming days somebody who not in prison gone tell u how much ur previous counsel touched their life U R the bright shining star the criminal justice system so desperately needed. Ur helpmate-ism will bring u B4 great men and great women. U R great. B great. U R Kyle the Counselor. U a Counselor right now. It is spoken.

Oh yeah also 2 B the best don't B afraid 2 deviate from the books. They only tell u so much. Everybody in prison doesn't think or ct the same. Promise U. Let the individual speak 4 himself. Feel me? Nobody likes crawlin outta boxes others put em in. Not saying U would, but "the books" do. Trust me I've read some and laughed my butt off like "that's so not true" know I don't fit the mold...Praise God.

More questions.
1) How long have u been readin my posts?
2) How did u discover them?
3) What do u do after school?
4) When did u know u wanted 2 B a counselor?
5) Y the criminal justice system and not somewhere like a high school?
6) Describe u in 1 word.
7) What woudl u do if ur employer said ur counseling was 2 "helpful" 2 "loving" etc?
8) How soon till ur Kyla the Counselor?
9) Beyond helpin impact lives any other reason u want 2 B a counselor?
10) What's the last book u read?


Alriht that's enuff. My hand hurt. Sorry. Plus I need to lay down. I graciously await ur reply.

Jot questions. I got answers.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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