July 17, 2018

I am Angry Today

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


I Am Angry Today

So many people accuse me of being angry when I write certain articles. Well, today I am angry.

The people I am angry with are my fellow peers (inmates). Every time something happens at a jail or prison, who do the inmates blame? The shift supervisor, Lt., Sgt., deputy wardens, wardens, or the jailer. I can say that where I am at, they do their jobs. The staff is excellent. But what makes me mad is when inmates call their families to tell them lies of mistreating staff. I believe in equality on both sides. But let's tell the side that the inmates never tell the community or their families, etc.

Majority of the families don't know that when your loved ones call about a bunkmate to get the warden to move them. It's because 97.9% of the time they are trying to get with their lover. They have all stirred up to meet their selfish needs. The girlfriend you know nothing about.

Second, be mindful when your loved one calls complaining about a Lt. Sgt. or staff member mistreating them. Could it be that they got caught doing something wrong such as smoking, unauthorized presence on the walk, or in the rooms getting caught having sex with their girlfriend, stealing, cursing the staff out, or trying to start a fight? Majority of the foolishness that goes on in prison is because of a lover. You have the boys in the women's prison that have a girlfriend in just about every dorm. When the main girl finds out, then everybody wants to fight.

You have the whorish females who will open their legs with any stud. There's a girl in my dorm that has a new stud (boy-girl) every week. She is whorish. This individual doesn't care where the sex comes from, she's got to have it. She has a mate coming to see her (male boyfriend). Does her family know about her? Absolutely not, never her mate in the free world.

When an inmate is caught in the wrong, they got to lockdown. What does the majority do? They pull the mental health card. "I am going to kill myself." But they won't pull that card when they was doing what they want to do. Sometimes with the officials, some of them pull that card so much when they can't have their way. Till you do what you supposed to do in the situation, but your inner man says, "Is she for real? Is this another scheme?" to get what they want. The staff get them the help they need, and take them to a safe cell or put them in one. Make all their rounds. These individuals cut themselves, flood their cells, and throw trays and so on at the guards. Could you imagine the mental and physical stress these guards and staff go through? But these individuals are calling their loved ones to complain about the staff mistreating them.

All this behavior makes me sick to my stomach because why would you want to take your life when you're the one in the wrong and doing all the foolishness up in these people's jails and prisons? The families have no idea. Then, when the inmate dies or something foolish happens because the inmate caused it, the family wants to file a civil suit or try to put the individual in prison.

It's a lot society and family members don't know about what the inmates do behind these walls. To solve this issue from keeping the jail and correctional staff jobs and loves, instead of sending reports to the parole board only, reports need to get to family members. Every time you get a DR or go to lockdown or cut yourself up in jail or prison. The family deserves to not be in the dark. Because the majority of the time, the inmates only tell one side of the story to their family, and that is their side. There is no excuse for this ridiculous behavior in these people in jail and prison.

If anything, their family members are horrible to deal with up in here. Just living with some of them is a nightmare. I had a bunkmate who did not brush her teeth, nor wash her face. She didn't bathe for a week or days. Could you imagine the germs and smell in the room? Some of them will threaten the next inmate. It's horrible in here living with some of these people. This is coming from an individual who knows and lives with other inmates.

So stop reacting on certain things. Get all the facts first from the warden, deputy warden, Lt., Sgt., and staff. Because the inmates are doing wrong.

The mentality of 2018 inmates is to do what they want and when they want because they are grown. When they can't have their way, they want to bring destruction to themselves and others around them. That just can't continually happen to these people in jail and prisons. There are rules behind the walls and society. We got to do what we supposed to do when nobody is not looking.

People in society, you don't know half of what the staff encounter in these jails and prisons, especially prison. Ask them when you see a correctional officer, jailer, or warden in the store, etc. They will tell you. Some days just don't make sense (the foolishness).

Written by Jennifer Johnson


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