Aug. 1, 2018

Rant to Rave

From The Unseen Face Of America A Prisoner Rant To Rave by Linniell Phipps (author's profile)


Department of


File Number: C22421
Offender Name: Phipps, Linniell
DOC Number: 718276
Facility: WSP
Unit: IMUS MSH19
Date: 7/10/2018

For rejected incoming mail/eMessages, the offender/sender may submit a written appeal request (e.g., DOC 21-472 Offender's Kite) to the mailroom sergeant within 10 calendar days of receiving this notice. The appeal will be reviewed by the Superintendent/designee.
Offenders/senders may submit a written appeal request to the mailroom sergeant for a rejection upheld by the Superintendent/designee, which will be reviewed by the Headquarters Correctional Manager. Appeals received in the mail will not be accepted and will be returned to the offender.

An appeal request is not needed for rejected publications of outgoing mail/eMessages, which are automatically reviewed by the Superintendent/designee or Publication Review Committee. Rejections of outgoing mail upheld upon that review are automatically reviewed by the Headquarters Correctional Manager. Rejected publications upheld by the Publication Review Committee may be appealed to the Headquarters Correctional Manager using DOC 21-757 Publication Rejection Appeal. Written notice of the review decision(s) will be provided. Offenders will be responsible for arranging disposal for unauthorized incoming mail within 30 days of the decision.

[X] Mail
[X] Incoming/From [ ] Outgoing/To
Address: Baltimore, MD postmark

[ ] Publication
Publication & Author's Name:

Issue or Copyright Date: Volume: Page Number(s):


[ ] Publication submitted by another facility/pending review by the Publication Review Committee
[ ] Publication currently on statewide rejection list

Reason (Specify number(s) as listed on this form): Directive IV, A, 2 and Directive IV, A, 2, a

Comments/Other Reasons (required): Mail without an identifiable last name and without a return address.
Directive IV: Incoming Mail, A: Incoming mail must include, 2: A return address per USPS Domestic Mail Manual, including an identifiable last name.
Directive IV: Incoming Mail, A: Incoming mail must include 2: return address per USPS Domestic Mail Manual, including an identifiable last name, a: Mail with no return address will be rejected and any monet included with the mail will be deposited in the Offender Betterment Fund.
Mailroom Employee Name
Date 7/10/2018

[ ] Upheld
[ ] Overturned
Comments: Please be sure to put a last name and return mailing address on the letter/i.e. envelope to prevent rejection.

[ ] Upheld
[ ] Overturned
Comments: What is this story about? It's about the 2 times I'd collapse into unconsciousness. The incidents of hardships I experience leading up to those r.vent. some of the officers involved in

Superintendent/designee Signature Date

Publication Review Committee Chair Signature Date
These acts...


[ ] Upheld
[ ] Overturned
Comments: Who's to say that under the circumstances. I'm incarcerated for committing a crime. I can actually be enslave under the draconian Django practice. The peoples/individuals that should protect you are the very individuals that subject you. Who then is their to trust.

Headquarter Correctional Manager Signature Date

Distribution: Offender, Mailroom, Sender/Receipt


1. Not specifically authorized by Department policy or facility procedures
2. Attempts to establish contact with a person or his/her guardian who has requested not to be contacted by the offender, when the offender is aware or should be aware of the request, or otherwise attempts to establish prohibited contact between the sender and recipient, including attempted contact between an individual found to have committed staff sexual misconduct/harassment and/or any offender in violation of DOC 450.050 Prohibited Contact
3. Violates sentencing conditions and/or court order
4. Contains an unknown substance(s) or contraband, or relates to sending contraband in/out of the facility
5. Contains items written or drawn in crayon or gel pen, contains excessive marker ink, or contains or has been treated with perfume, glitter, and/or other items that could be easily misidentified
6. Contains escape plans and/or other information related to escape
7. Provides technical/detailed information on security systems, equipment, and practices used in the correctional field
8. Contains plans for activity that violates state/federal law, the Washington Administrative Code, Department policy, and/or facility procedures
9. Contains instructional and/or "how to" material for committing illegal activities
10. Depicts or describes the procedures for constructing or using weapons, ammunition, bombs, and/or other destructive devices, or includes life sized photograph(s)/graphic illustration(s) of these items
11. Provides instructions on martial arts, fighting/self-defense techniques, and/or how to disable/disarm others
12. Appeals to be in code
13. Contains written/graphic information on security equipment/operations or facility blueprints/diagrams
14. Contains detailed maps/charts of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and/or British Columbia, except those received by facility libraries
15. Contains information that could create a risk of physical harm to the offender or another person if the communication were allowed
16. Contains sexually explicit material per WAC 137-48-020, including altered images, strategically placed graphics/items, or airbrushing. Publications, letters, or eMessages that contain significant or repeated instances of content defined per WAC 137-48-020(13)(a)-(b) may be rejected. Publications, letters, or eMessages that contain any content defined per WAC 137-48-020(13)(c)-(d) may be rejected.
17. The publication(s) is not in English and the Publication Review Committee cannot confirm that it complies with Department policy and/or facility procedures
18. Contains publications or documents that have been altered (e.g., pages torn/removed, additional/unnecessary markings), other than legal mail sent from a legal entity/agency
19. Advocates violence against others and/or the overthrow of authority
20. Advocates that a protected class or group of individuals is inferior and/or makes such class/group the object of ridicule and/or scorn, and may reasonably be thought to precipitate a violent confrontation between the recipient and a member(s) of the targeted group
21. Designated as legal/special mail, but upon inspection is determined to be general correspondence
22. Contains cash or personal check(s)
23. Contains gang markings/symbols or may reasonably be thought to precipitate violence
24. Contains multiple or similar copies/photocopies of the same photograph, document, and/or publication/subscription, in whole or part
25. Contains pre-franked envelopes and/or non-cancelled postage stamps, except eStamps, without prior approval from the Superintendent/designee
26. Contains correspondence, information, or other items relating to another Washington State incarcerated offender(s) without prior approval from the Superintendent/designee, or attempts or conveys unauthorized offender to offender correspondence
27. Contains stickers/labels or a blank greeting card/postcard
28. Contains a photograph, card, poster, and/or calendar that is padded, laminated/layered, musical, and/or exceeds the storage dimensions per DOC 440.000 Personal Property for Offenders
29. Contains an unauthorized audio/video recordings, including public disclosure CDs
30. Contains clipping(s)/copies of copyrighted material, including books. Single clippings or copies from public domain publications (e.g., newspapers, magazines, websites) are allowed
31. Contains/attempts to obtain an item(s) not approved and paid for in advance through facility designated channels and/or misuses state resources (e.g., kites, blank forms, use of Department issued computers/equipment)
32. Solicits and/or contains money or anything of value from anyone other than the offender's immediate family member without prior approval from the Superintendent/designee, except authorized purchases through approved vendors
33 Requests/directs another person to provide money of anything of value to a third party without prior approval from the Superintendent/designee
34 Contains printed material other than correspondence for an offender currently assigned to a Reception Diagnostic Center
35 Contains a metal and/or inflexible binder
36 The eMessage videogram (i.e., pre-recorded video attached to an eMessage) does not comply with DOC 450.100 Mail for Prison Offenders or otherwise contains any display of nudity, behaviour or actions that are sexual in nature, drugs/alcohol or related paraphernalia, weapons, graphics or paraphernalia associated with any Security Threat Group, or unlawful activity
37 Contains copies that are being sent to a Reception Diagnostic Center
38 Contains solicitations or games of chance (e.g., sweepstakes, contests, lottery tickets). Publications containing a sweepstakes or contest entry will not be rejected, but offenders will not be allowed to participate/enter
39 Contains correspondence/property for or from a third party

"Sexually explicit materials" per WAC 137-48-020(13) consists of any item reasonably deemed to be intended for sexual gratification and which displays, portrays, depicts, or describes:-
(a) Nudity, which includes but is not limited to, exposed/visible (in whole or part, including under or through translucent/thin material proving intimate physical detail) genital/genitalia, anus, buttocks, and or female/transgender breast nipple(s);
(b) A sex act which includes, but is not limited to, genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal contact/penetration, genital or anal contact/penetration with an inanimate object, masturbation, and/or bodily excretory behaviour.
(c) Sadistic/masochistic abuse, bondage, bestiality, and or participant who appears to be non-consenting, dominated, degraded, humiliated, or in a submissive role, and/or a participant who appears to be acting in a forceful, threatening, dominating, or violent manner, and/or
(d) A minor, or a model or cartoon depicting a minor, in a sexually suggestive setting/pose/attire.

DOC 05-525 (Rev. 12/06/17)
Page 2 of 2
DOC 450.100


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