Oct. 5, 2018

Cross them, you die. Health care in Stanley

by Childeric Maxy (author's profile)


Cross Them You Die

Health Care in Stanley

It's a Death Trap

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Web

Look - this opinion is being written in segregation.

I have been in Stanley for 5 years; and have been incarcerated for 18 years, BEEN to Green Bay Correctional, Waupun Correctional. I spent 6 months in Dodge Correctional. Stanley's health care is the worst of them all. Why?

Here is why. Stanley's HSU (Health Service Unit) is a small 50ft by 30ft area, 1500 square feet. That area is split between dental unit (with 3 chairs), one dentist (who is always calling people "Kiddo!" He is a NICE DENTIST), 2 hygienists (they're nice too)!

Also there is a pharmacy, about 200 square feet. The rest is shared by the doctors and nurses, and LPN (do I have a story to tell about the LPN in later paragraphs)!

I told you about the square footage of HSU building in Stanley to drive to the point that HSU does not want too many patients in HSU because they do not have the space!


Green Bay has 1005 inmates. Green Bay has a large waiting room (a hallway). Waupun does not have a large waiting room, but being a max prison they have a good management on how they see their patients. Waupun has a 10,000 square feet area for their HSU. Green Bay is even larger; so there two institutions do not have a problem with their inmate population. They probably could handle 300 to 500 inmates per week.

Stanley does not have the space or the staff (health care personnel) for 1500 inmates. So they (HSU staff) resort to pushing patients back (with co-pay charges); and discriminatory practices; and lastly telling you, "You could buy what you need from Canteen" (Commissary). Stanley's rules whether at HSU, Kitchen etc, it's about "SAVING MONEY".

Let me break it all down, starting with "CANTEEN PURCHASES": Not everybody can buy canteen (yet some who can afford canteen will actually buy "Ibuprofen, Excedrin and other pain medications from Canteen", because it's cheaper than the $7.50 co-pay; and the pre-emptive, foreknowledge that the nurse is going to say: "Buy aspirin from canteen, or hydrocortisone, or triple antibiotic, or..." etc, after they charge a $7.50 co-pay. That is the objective "to save money" by Stanley!

$7.50 may not seem like much to one in the streets, but in prison when one has to wait 2 weeks to get $20.00 [*THE COPAY TO KEEP EM AWAY*] as pay for work, and has to wait another week to get the canteen, $7.50 is a lot, baby! And that's why HSU charge that $7.50 every time in Stanley. Notice I called it PURPOSEFULLY "PRE-EMPTIVE". Thus if you have a headache it's better to "BREAK A RULE" and ask your neighbor if he has some aspirin than paying $7.50.

You may say "but it's the law to charge a co-pay!" It is, it also said "HSU MAY CHARGE A COPAY". They do not have to charge a co-pay! Ever!!! Besides, the co-pay law came about because "THE PEOPLE" tax payers were complaining that: "DRUG DEALERS, and gangsters" were getting "FREE HEALTH CARE" and they were calling their Senators and Representatives. They instituted a $2.50 (that's why $2.50 copay). Then the DOC changed it to $7.50, and HSUs around the state start noticing a drop in their health care client lists! BAM! THERE YOU GO!! Places like Stanley Corr. Wardens said: "Now this is our WEAPON!" They seized up on it.

As for "discriminatory practices", that has been going on like "police beatings" except new technologies exposed (them) it more. Very often white-guy goes to HSU for an ailment, and came back with a handful of cream, shampoo, over the counter pills. His black or Latino cellie goes next week, he returns with a bottle of aspirin and advised to "Drink a lot of water".


You may reason "Well, maybe they saw different NURSES". Okay! However, they went to the same HSU, with the same protocols and guidelines; they (the nurses) also studied the same medical reference for the same ailment. In addition the white man did not get charged $7.50 (remember paragraph 9: "HSU MAY charge a COPAY". They do not have to, and the nurse COULD decide that (all by herself).

My story is personal with HSU. Here is the origin of my health problems with Stanley HSU. I was transferred to Stanley in Jan 2013, and had pain meds prescribed to me for 13 years, and other pharmaceutical ointments. We had "ORIENTATION", which consisted of staff from Chapel, Library, HSU talk to the new arrivals. When it was HSU's turn - a nurse told us: "ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS HAS BEEN CANCELLED!" I thought she must misspoke. What I am going to do about my MIGRAINES (I had large lacerations on the head, I suffered migraines for 13 years). I need "EXCEDRIN".

After orientation I spoke to the nurse about my migraines. She said: "Put in a HEALTH REQUEST". I did, I saw the LPN "MS. BENTLEY". Ms. Bentley is this senior nurse (she's not old), she is just the one with more "JUICE". She speaks with devious excitement in her voice, and wears those glasses which enlarged her eyeballs, when she move her eyes, she seems as if she is having "rapid eye movement" with her eyes. She CLEARLY ELIMINATED most of my meds; as if to say: you don't need these, or these, etc. (Didn't realize Stanley HSU was: "SAVING MONEY" was their MOTTO!


I said "I've been on these for years", she shot back "This is Stanley". My next encounter with Ms. Bentley is going to mark the next "NEW STANLEY" I did not know about. I'd developed a hernia in my stomach area, right on top of my belly-button. Everyone, laymen, non-medical person said I had a "hernia". My meeting with Ms. Bentley started with her looking at my stomach, pressing in, she exclaimed: "You got a DIASTIS RECTI", her eyes moving as if to search for someone else in the room. "No", I said, "I don't think..." She continued, "That's common in the African children..." "Ms Bentley, I am not from Africa, I am Haitian"; her eyes stopped, with a surprised look. This was the beginning of DISCRIMINATION or "BLACKBALL".

She misdiagnosed me, and she refused to back down her diagnosis. I asked her for a print-out on it; she went in the next room, back with the photo of a child who had "diastis recti". I took the print out, but before I left I asked her "What can be done for this illness?" She said "Nothing!" Right away I became suspicious. I tried to write (HSU Manager) but I got no response. I file an inmate complaint. I came back to HSU for an unrelated ailment, and the nurse asked: "Why did you write a complaint?" I did not know what to say; I've never had a staff asked me that question. I knew then I was on the HSU BLACKLIST. The endless discrimination days in Stanley's HSU began for me! IMAGINE THAT! Bentley once said: "People in the streets STRUGGLING - you have health care!"


I did not see the doctor for 2 years. I couldn't figure out why because I asked to see the doctor. Finally I wrote HSU Manager "Ms. Demars", and told her the story above in par 15. I also told her how Ms. Bentley was condescending, and how she'd said stuff like: "People in the streets don't have health care and you have health care...". She looked at me with disdain. Then I asked Ms. Demars to allow me to see a different LPN or the doctor. Ms. Demars did allow me to see the doctor. And I realized that when Ms. Bentley said that "Children from Africa get diastis recti", I realized also that she was being biased, and did not expect me to challenge her diagnosis. She was wrong!

Ms. Bentley diagnosed me; (misdiagnosed) me in 2014 & in 2017, finally I got a hernia surgery, but another hernia had popped up next to the one she misdiagnosed. However, I began to have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I saw the doctor again after numerous complaints. The doctor (outpatient) told me he will prescribe metamucil, and a diet consistent with IBS sufferers. When I asked Ms. Bentley to prescribe a diet as such to the SCI kitchen, she said "No, I will not."

For those of you not familiar with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), it's stomach cramps, bloating, always having the feeling to have bowel movements or (shitting) all the time; and accompanied by diarrhea or [THE CRESCENDO OF THE TRIO SYMPHONY] constipation; also there is the putrid release of gases; passing gas every five minutes. The source of my IBS is the food, and stress. All the medical references agreed! Except of course STANLEY MANAGEMENT. HSU Manager Ms. Barker refuses to order a diet consistent with the disease, she kept sending me back to Ms. Bentley.

"SYMPHONIE I... CE SOIR LEVENT NE JOUE PAS NOTRE CHANSON!" (Emphasis mine; Je mets mon accent sur)

Then there is the roommate problem. Nobody wants to be in the room with a person like me. So that is why (ONE OF THE REASONS) I am in SEGREGATION FIGHTING THE STANLEY HSU SYSTEM!! Ms. Bentley is right in the middle of it. She is the "health care provider" who refused to order "single cell" status or diet consistent with IBS.

You probably read my other story of being bullied into returning to general population. I can't; as you can see; I am stressful all the time which enhances my IBS, and flares of IBS gives me more stress, the cycle will never end. So which cellie would want to be celled up with me? If I was on the other side I would not want to be celled up with MYSELF. THINK ABOUT IT!

All of these things create a cauldron for me in this prison; and a bouillon of stress that I could only escape by isolating myself in a Seg - "SINGLE-CELL" to have peace of mind; or I could have gone on a meltdown!


Thus coming to seg, I've killed three birds with "ONE STONE". The other bird, I've confessed to God, and another brother I believe I can trust!! You can't know this! :)

8/18/18 Today I woke up with a "behemoth headache". Anyone ever had one of those? My head is aching from the left side of the back of my neck to the front of my temple. I took a couple of Excedrin at 12:15 (approximately) PM. At 345 pm the officer (who's in training) asked me if I need any meds; "Yes", I said. She scanned my "ID" and the "meds" (because of the "new electronic system"). Suddenly she said: "You can't have no more Excedrin for today". The new electronic system to "SAVE STANLEY MONEY" will not allow me to have my meds; yet my headache is now in the back of my left eye (it's a migraine), I am looking at the meds. She is looking at them; but "you can't have no more for the next 24 hours!" *Really?

I wrote a DOC 3035 also known as a "Health Service Request" or "Blue Slip" which she gave to me instead of my meds! Ain't that FUNNY, and PAINFUL at the same time?


Remember in paragraph #21 I wrote that "All these... creates a cauldron... and a bouillon of stress and only isolating myself in a segregation cell to have peace of mind". But I did try to see the psychiatrist - but no results. Dr Hanhn. She gave me a PAMPHLET to use to reduce my stress "C-mon", a pamphlet!?

Today at 450 pm (about) in the mail I got denied for a "LEGAL LOAN", which mean I can't present my case to a COURT for a "RESTRAINING ORDER" against the warden "Richardson Reed", Ms Barker and LPN Bentley. I sent the copy sent to me also a SOURCE of reference when I need it! I got denied for a legal loan because I spent $83.15 in 3 months, an average of $14.00 every two weeks.

Do you think this is an attempt to try to stop me from filing a "restraining order" on the warden and HSU? LET ME KNOW!

Remember paragraph 22 I couldn't get my meds for migraines and now I can't get my legal loan. Do you think this is a CONCERTED CONSPIRACY to cause ME STRESS? You need to read my POLL TAKING on another story! They know stress causes me IBS, and cramps! You KNOW they KNOW!

Ladies & gentlemen of the web

Know also that IBS is caused by "stress", & "food". The food served at Stanley gave me the IBS, and the stress kind of "go with prison" as you all know: Prison is a very stressful place; and as for me as I get older it is more stressful even because:



Yeah, the food in Stanley is 60% soy bean. They said it's ONLY 35% or 20%, I believe! But I eat the MESS, I know the portion of meat is 60% soy bean.

Yesterday we had a "chicken chow mein" meal supposedly. Right? It should have been called: "plastic chow mein" - yeah, we had the RICE, and the lettuce, and a bunch of squared pieces of plastic or sponges. I think they cooked the chicken in a sieve in the big pot & while the chopped soy bean was boiling with the chicken. I did not see one piece, or string of chicken! None - not even one "string", seriously! I had to eat it, although I put all the pieces of sponges, plastic, soy bean to the side! :)

I know that my IBS is from this mess. My stomach will not be able to handle these soy-bean meals - only time it's not soy-bean is when they serve "chicken patty" or "fish", even the "tuna fish" is soy bean infested! 30 minutes later after eating the "MESS" I get a cramp like I am "having a baby". It'd be so bad I got to lay down or fold over, and NEED to use the TOILET right away! Hoping it's not constipation this time around!

Now let's switch to another subject: my pain medication. If I did not tell you about them, it would be a disservice. Since 2014 - until now Ms. Bentley seems to find a way to keep me from getting my pain meds - you see how HSU changed the med system electronical, as I wrote in paragraphs 22-23. The electronic system of "passing out med" is crucial for someone like me. Remember Ms. Bentley know she could cause me & have caused me pain - she can "restrict my pain meds for 24 hours", and that's what happened. How is it that I can only have pain meds, when they pass it out; that means I have to pre-calculate like a computer that: at 345 AM I may have a headache so I better take meds at 8:00 pm.

Because the guards are not going to leave their comfort zone at 345 AM to give me pain meds.

One officer who looks like "The Pink Panther", literally, he does :) - walk like the PP, he told me that: "We're not supposed to open your trap or have any movement on Third Shift". I think he is correct. So the pills that used to be in my possession (to take when I am in pain) is being taken away since I've been in Seg! Amen! Maybe it's a coincidence! But changing the doses in 24 hours is not a coincidence at all! That's why I stored this info in the weblog!!!

I will keep YOU posted; you need to know what the correction system is doing to people like me & we're OVERCROWDED! Another subject I will write about is how Scott Walker & friends have us send money to Missouri so the state of Missouri and the state of Wisconsin both can charge us "$" Wisconsin inmates!!

Hey, if you enjoy the information: send me some love @
Childeric Maxy #332930
100 Corrections Drive
Stanley WI 54768-6500

Please share this story with someone as a good deed!


PS You know they're going to start going through my mail and harass me some more for writing in this blog! They don't like people who read or write. So if I die and don't write no more you know what they did.

So where are: Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James (King James), Steph Curry, Jay-Z and Beyonce; Kanye West and Kim Kardashian et al; and all those who stand against the flawed judicial system? The police BEATING ON A BLACK MAN is the top of the iceberg - we in prison are in the midst of the COLD zone - the belly of the beast. At any time one of us could disappear; as it is we're already mistreated. If one of us is "not guilty" or wrongly convicted, we're doomed. Activists like the ones mentioned above must raise their voices on behalf of American prisoners. State laws are corrupted by their stewards.

Title 28 USC 224A *ACTIVISTS* Title 28 USC 225A

Ask for the reinstatement of the federal habeas corpus. That will change the prison system. Make habeas corpus what it really is, "habeas corpus", allow a [woman] - man to fight for her/his freedom! Don't just take a knee! Make the habeas corpus plea! "Do it". Give the U.S. federal judge the power s/he used to have.


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