Dec. 10, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

From The Novelist Portent by Johnny E. Mahaffey (author's profile)


The Novelist Portent
Johnny E. Mahaffey
November 22, 2018


2. My grandchild!
3. My loving Jamie
4. That I am still alive, despite the pains of this future. I am still glad to be a part of it, with the hope that I may be free again some day to find purpose—perhaps even love.
5. For truth—utter and unquestionable truth. Without it, we live in the shadows of the dark lies of others who seek to only satisfy themselves.
6. For canned ham. Without it, I would have no meal today. I eat alone with my name probably not called for a visit this evening. But that's okay. Maybe next year. As long as I breathe, there's that chance that one day I'll be remembered.
7. For the Anderson County Sheriff's office and the police department—for every junkie and drug dealer that they arrest. Kudos and thank you! And for every judge who gives them the maximum sentence! And for every child molester or sex offender that they bury under the jail and throw away the key!
8. For every neighbor who calls the police when they see something that shouldn't be happening.
9. For exes who still care enough NOT to want me dead!
10. My education and my ability to write well enough that people take notice... sometimes.
11. For changing laws that may one day, very soon, give me parole or an early release of some kind, a lesser sentence, or a REAL TRIAL!
12. For Between the Bars for all that they do.
13. For my art and those whom appreciate it.
14. For those who read my blog and have the decency to leave a comment, share its link, and treat me as a human.
15. For Cornell's Prisoner Express and all the awesome volunteers who treat me so kindly.
16. For all of you who have rooted for me and Jaime to make it. And for those of you kind enough to write me words of encouragement and understanding.
17. For prison staff who understand that prisoners are people just like them, and that we have families too.
18. For the power of a second chance. Though I'm still waiting for mine, I have faith that I will be given a second chance.
19. For's local TV station, for keeping me up on all the latest web trends, slang, games, and games (e.g. Big Red Laser, 10UP, Blogiates, etc.)
20. For honest people. People who are NOT fake and do NOT play games, lie, or care only about themselves or having fun. Those of us who see the bigger picture in life. The meaning beyond mere self needs or self gratification.



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